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  1. I think silicone?? yeah, well I know some females show traces of it. EDIT: I was joking, please don't eat silicone while chanting "I am what I eat"
  2. Akcapr its just my basement that looks like that (un finished) I live in a farm house. P.S. my arm is looking better.
  3. Hey, Sorry it's been so long but I have been working on my basement and have been really busy (as you can imagine!). Lol, my camera actually did get destroyed in the blast. I was going to photograph the explosion (didn't think it would be quite that powerful) but the blast came so large and I was behind a door frame but I saw it coming and panicked. I sheilded my face with my arm (how it got burnt) that the camera was in and dropped it in the process. Fortunately my friend let me borrow his camera. (where the desk used to be) I wasn't thikning very well that day.. I was working on that
  4. I went to the doctor and he said everything was fine except there was a fine piece of shrapnel in mt "aqueous humor"? I think he called it which he removed in under 5 minutes, he also said that I was extremely lucky. And in answer to everyones question it is very likely that some escaped because I filled these bags over a 2 week period while full bags were just sitting around probably leaking some.
  5. My arm isnt that bad I have bandaged it up and it bleeds every now and then and i have to run to the bathtub, and to whoever said at least I have my computer... in reality it fried my moniter so I'm using my laptop right now. I was using heft 75 gallon bags. And now that i've checked for shrapnel I have found a woodchip lodged in my calf that I didn't feel earlier and I feel light headed
  6. Hi guys, I should have read your warning posts earlier... it's too late now. I barely escaped serious injury maybe even death. After I shot the rocket everything was a blur, all i can remember is a huge fiery mass of orange and red and me being knocked on my ass with what felt like 400' temperatures. All of my windows in the house were shattered. A support beam near the bags was snapped like a toothpick and a desk was reduced to dust. I have lost half of the hair on my head including my eyebrows and my arm is burnt pretty bad. all of the paint in the basement has been burnt. Once the windows w
  7. Ok, it took a while but i finally bottled or rather "bagged" eight garbage bags full of hydrogen. I'm planning on putting them together in a group in my basement and then firing a bottle rocket at them.
  8. Yes, I agree, Extremely scholarly imput. Good show, carry on.
  9. yea what did you use... please tell us your secrets
  10. And furthermore susan, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn that all four of them Habitually smoke marijuana cigarettes... reefers
  11. what can i use for carbon electrodes? and should i still use uniodized salt? will sharpened pencils work for carbon electrodes? and if so how can i bend those like i can bend coat hangers that i am using now so they will go uner the bottle lip.
  12. yeah its just mine is probly harder, i dont have HCL on hand :/
  13. so maybe if i can procure some un iodized salt?
  14. that could be it, its so thick though maybe a little foamy, does anyone have any alternatives to use other than salt?
  15. Hello, I'll make this story short, I'm successfully bottling hydrogen at home using a bucket of water, an upside down gatorade bottle and a car battery charger, I'm sure you know how the setup looks. Anyways, all of that aside I'm using salt to boost the conductivity of the water. Only thing is my water is turning green/orange and it is building up orange substance everywhere, does anyone have a guess to what this is?
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