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  1. They all need to follow some certain rules assigned by ICANN. While each registrar can handle expired domains differently, there is a limit to what they can do. Also, the fact that there is a fixed 3-hour window where all domains (from all registrars) drop implies to me that registrars have no influence over this. The owner of expireddomains.net is on a forum I'm on, I might ask him if he knows more about this. He would probably be the right person to ask. I don't know. I'm no coder. I assumed there might be a way to code something such that it can detect deviations from ''expected randomness'', if that makes sense. If you look over that site, the domains seem to drop very weirdly. The same TLDs tend to drop in a bunch and some minutes have hundreds of drops, while some others have none. This is under the assumption that the information on that site is correct. I might look over the registrars over those dropped names to see if there's anything there. Why is millions so much more expensive than thousands? I would imagine that since the code is that, and it does the same thing in higher quantities, it wouldn't cost much more. I have been researching more about this and I dropped (no pun intended) the idea of dropcatching expensive names. In the end, it all boils down to the fact that the big players like dropcatch.com wouldn't have spent millions on their software if it wasn't absolutely necessary. However, the big dropcatchers have no options for backordering .io, .co.uk, .co and some other domains which still have value. As I said, a guy who offers dropcatching services for .io and some others earns 6 figures per month by doing so and he has next to no competition.
  2. They won't know when it drops. It's a game of RNG where every dropcatcher will send many API reuqests throughout a 3 hour window (which is the window when domains drop each day), instead of a one minute window or whatever if you know when the name drops. I have foregone the idea tho. I was crazy to think that there's even a low chance of finding out even though there are some weird things happening in the pattern. I have earned a bit and will keep earning a bit from expired domains but not in this way, I don't imagine. I have talked to programmers who can make dropcatchers (none of them know what it was beforehand) but it's only worthwhile to go for much less competitive names. There's a guy who earns $125k+ per month offering backorders for relatively uncompetitive names so there's definitely a market there.
  3. A large investment is needed unless a pattern can be deduced. I'm just looking to see if anyone could figure out a pattern for the dropping names from the first link. If that was figured out, then it's easy and I could get all the necessary software made.
  4. I don't really understand, or rather, I don't think you understand. You can easily see which domains names are due to drop in the coming days. The link I gave in the OP is of the domains which are gone and deleted from the database, free for registration. Dropcatchers will want to register them as soon as they hit that stage. But there is another section called ''pending delete'' domains. These are domains which WILL drop in the next 5 days max and the previous owner can't do anything to save them. They will expire and someone will catch them if they are good. Before that, they are in the grace deletion period where they are expired and can still be renewed by the original owner but are unlikely to be, because the owner wouldn't have let them expire in the first place. Some names that are due to drop in the following days: - securtyonline.com - businessnow.com - megastore.net - esop.com etc etc. All of these are worth thousands or tens of thousands of dollars and they drop all the time. I personally witnessed the drop of sushi.com and the ending bid was something like 350k. This has nothing to do with tracking the market or being aware of companies. It's just about being able to register them the fastest after they drop. Due to the fact that there's such money involved, I find it highly unlikely that anyone would be able to figure this out and the chance wasn't worth the time typing this, but there you go.
  5. Alright then. There are thousands of people who lurk dropping domains each day and even more trade domain names. Good and valuable domains drop frequently, even every day. Occasionally, even 6 figure domains can drop. All of the good ones are being caught by ''dropcatchers'' and then auctioned off to investors. I won't bother explaining how all of that works because it's not really relevant. I looked into it and investigated and I know exactly how dropcatching is done and I could do it in theory, but I would need a very large (read: impossible) investment to be able to compete with the others realistically. If I (or you) could figure out a pattern and know or be able to estimate when the names will drop, it would be a lot easier and cheaper and the ''randomness'' with which these domains drop seems really weird. But all of this is extremely far fetched, as it's probably highly unlikely that this would turn out to be even remotely simple. Besides, it would be useless if everyone knew how to do it which is why I didn't want to say anything.
  6. What does it matter anyway? The solution to the ''puzzle'' has nothing to do with why I want to know.
  7. Apologies, I forgot. There are millions upon millions of domains there and I don't think anyone could find a pattern on the sample size of just 50. Registering takes 10 seconds tho and you don't need to confirm the mail. Sorry about that tho. Nonono, you misunderstood. This is about domains which have already expired. All of the domains on that website are already expired. But expired does not equal deleted. Once it's expired, it goes through several stages. The last one is the pending delete stage. In that stage, it cannot be renewed by the owner and will be released to the public registry in 5 days. We want that. Release to public registry. The domains drop in a 3 hour window each day. I wanted to know if there was a pattern to their dropping. Again, all of these domains are already bound to drop, it's just a question of when. I doubt it's practically possible to find out as it's probably hidden behind a good RNG, but maybe not. I do notice some weirdness. Like some minutes will have a lot of domains dropping, then a pause. Some minutes will only have one domain dropping etc. Also, I find that a lot of the domains dropping in the same minute are in the same TLD (domain extension, like .org for example). It just might be possible to figure something out. Here's an example: Weird, no?
  8. For anyone who has a little bit of time to spend and likes a challenge, I would be thankful if you went to: https://member.expireddomains.net/domains/combinedexpired/?start=0 And took a good look at the results. Make sure there are no filters and they are sorted by ''dropped''. You are looking at domains which have most recently expired. We want to see if there is pattern to expiration of those domains and maybe, be able to estimate when a certain domain would expire given its name or whatever other metric might be relevant. It's a longshot and probably impossible to figure out, but feel free to give it a go. Thanks.
  9. When I read threads like these, it makes me glad to live in a ''shitty'' ''backwards'' country. 2018 is ridiculous.
  10. You say it like every yellow/red card foul is automatically an injury. It's not and yellows are fairly common and this could be abused every time one is given. Who would know the difference?
  11. That would be abused heavily. Anyway, good luck in the finals, hoping for a good game. Who are you guys cheering for?
  13. Are there Scots and Welsh on this forum? I thought it was just English tea drinkers with monocles. Yeah, I know. That's my point.
  14. So the match on wednesday is pretty much going to be the science forum vs me?
  15. This world cup is a nightmare for all people who bet. I lost 3 years of life expectancy watching that game. So much drama towards the end. If they did that, there would at least be a chance of the goalkeeper getting it with his legs. The real question is why no one shoots in the top corners since those are technically undefendable. Are they so bad that after training football for like 20 years they still can't hit the upper corner from 11 meters out?
  16. But this is a whole new level. I've never seen so many dives in one match. He was worse than Moses.
  17. Completely shameful display against Costa Rica. Dove at least 10 times. Ref awarded the pen to him but disallowed it after reviewing VAR footage for the pathetic simulation. Didn't receive a yellow. Later on threw a hissy fit throwing the ball against the floor when the ref gave Costa Rica a foul. Told a Costa Rican player to stop acting and get up from the floor lol. Really shameful, even Brazillians are hating on him right now. Aside from you stealing my name, I agree. I think Belgium and Croatia have shown the best football yet. All the ''good'' nations were really subpar.
  18. What do you mean? Also, I think we can all agree Neymar is a cunt.
  19. Well this world cup is definitely getting interesting. I have good feeling about Croatia.
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