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  1. Ok,  so in my last post to Simple Yet Interesting I gave 3 formulas. The math is there. I have no more to argue. It may seem that the math is inconsistent. However if you look at how it evolved the underlying ideas are consistent.


    The equations graphed between zero and N (the Semi-Prime) result in the need  to test values between zero and one on that graph.. That is quite the accomplishment. It could be argued for double Prime numbers there are more possible numbers between zero and one. However the idea is the same, only numbers between zero and one need tested. With double Prime numbers there is just an increase in numbers to test. The hypothesis remains true.


    My goal now is to use existing knowledge to verify the Pappy Craylar Method (PC method: That is what I call my work.) By existing knowledge it is meant that rules to Primes that are already well established or others work that is already accepted.  For example if you increase one factor it results in a decrease in value of the corresponding  factor. Knowing that there are only 2 factors and they fit together one way allows the factorization of N (the Semi-Prime), knowing only N.


    The part about the Semi-Prime is me. I am not saying it is accepted. I am just explaining my idea. Those 2 sentences are why I believe in the PC method.


    Any thoughts?



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