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  1. Do identical twins really look always (almost) the same? Do you know any identical twins who are both lesbians and do have both a very masculine faceshape/face morphology, too? Or do you know any identical twins who are both gay man and do look also both very feminine ? I am asking me the entire genetic vs. epigenetic/prenatal hormonal issue. What I mean is: Do you know identical twins who one is a gay man and one is straight and the gay one has a different faceshape(looks much more feminine) compared to the straight one? Do you know identical twins who one is lesbian and one is straight woman and the lesbian has a total different faceshape(looks much more masculine) compared to the straight woman?
  2. Can we presume that sexual orientation, androphilic and gynephilic, are orginated in the human hypothalamus? I mean it is a drive that you can not learn or turn off as same as hunger or thirst. And the nuclei of the human hypothalamus are connected with the autonomous nerv system. And someone who gets horny when he sees a naked woman still gets horny when he is 50 years old. Sexual orientation is pretty stable as same as hunger or thirst. This rather speaks for the hypothalamus in generating a certain sexual orientation. Doesn't?
  3. I knpw that 23andme has done a Gwas of sexual orientation and they couldn't find a genetic association for male or female homosexuality. I guess individual prenetal hormonal and epigenetic processes are the major reason why some people are gay. But I have still the opinion that there is indeed a unknown genetic reason why some people are gay. Can we say when a gwas was unsucessfull in finding a genetic association for a phenotype there isn't a genetic background existing? They also have done two linkage analysis for male homosexuality. If the major cause for homosexuality is prental hormonal/epigenetic and male homosexuality is very common in the population, so those two linkage analysis are unworthy?
  4. Do you believe there was a genetic predisposition that caused Freddy Mercury to be homosexual?
  5. Neurobiolgy of sexual orientation is existing but not well researched by neuroscience. Sexual orientation, towards women or men, is an inborn instinct. So the hell NO currently we do not know the brain in detail. They have never done a postmortem brain study of transsexual people until 1995. They could see in a study in 1995 that man to female transsexual have small bed nucleus of stria terminalis centralis. If they would do MORE research of this kind, they would see more.
  6. If the whole story is determinded by prenatal hormon exposure, does this mean that an exact set of genes are in gay mem epigeneticaly different programized compared to straight men. If sexual orientation is an inborn instinct and gynephilia is the result of prenatal testosteron exposure and androphilia the lack of testosteron, so we can say in the brains of all gay men(doesn't matter how masculine they act or look) there is something not masculinized. In other words genes which are upregulated by testosterone weren't compared to straight men. So we can say in Jodie Foster's brain there is something masculinized cause of high prenatal neuroendocrine exposure or/and epigenetic reasons genes (those exact set of genes) were to strong expressed!?
  7. We know that living creatures are biochemical machines. Well I want to question you something: Could it be that many diseases are very complex in their origine. I mean there has not to be a genetic cause for a certain disease. It's more complex? This also means that if you take the diseased tissue and make epigenetic, transcriptome and proteome analysis, you would see that biological the tissue is out of order? But on the same time there is no direct genetic cause, no evironmental cause? The cause it not biochemically understable for humans, because it just happen that organs run out of order biochemically? Biochemistry is too complex?
  8. Äähmm... Well äähmmm.... I don't believe in the most cases of depressions there is a genetic cause. 1. Exemple Some years ago there was crime in Germany. A mother of two children was kidnapped and killed. Her husband was a banker. They appeared on TV and the husband looked very depressed. They had the hope that the mother would be alieve. Only one year later the husband commited suicide. 2. My father had a coworker who married a woman and bought a new house. He planned to have a family with children but then his wife gets in love with other man and wanted to divorce. This coworker commited suicide suicide by installing a bomb in his new house. Depression to conect with genetics won't be successful.
  9. I think sexual orientation has its origine in the hypothalamus. And no they haven't done so much research yet. 23andme gwas of sexual orientations shows clearly that gay men are clearly less interested in sport than straight men. Gay men tedencially cry more than straight guys. There is something about the hypothalamus. They should do real studies. I wasn't surprised when sexual orientation is generated in only 1 or 2 cell nuclei networks. Look the brain is like a biochemical computer. Sexual orientation is an instinct. There has to be neuron networks which do generated sexual orientation. If you compare two brain of identical twins, one straight and the other one gay, you could see in the gay twin this tiny cellnetwork to be unmasculinized. I have my doubts that for sexual orientation big parts of the brain are used. Its rather contrary, compacted to small neuronnetworks.
  10. This is serious question. The whole entire story gets worse when you take some subtypes of transsexuals. I know someone who is female to male transsexual. Once this person showed me a photo when he was 2 years old. On this photo he looks like a boy who wears girly cloths and long hair. I think sexuality has something to do with "biochemical modification" that happens peri and prenatally. I observed that there are much more gays than lesbians. So tell me about ONE famous straight woman who looks like a man. You can't, because straight woman indeed can look androgyn or unfeminine, but they still look like women! There is a unexplored biological difference when you take sexuality. I call biochemical modification. Do you want an exemple:Samantha Ronson
  11. Why do some lesbians look like men without beard and some gay men do look like women? What's the biological reason? It seems for me that there is something biochemical and genetically going on.
  12. Well Switzerland and Westeurope is generelly more liberal than the USA is. Ok there is less hate against homosexuals compared to the USA, but behind closed doors and in a subtile way people dislike homosexuality. Homosexuality remains a biochemical error with high prevelance. I don't believe there is such a thing as 'Nature'. Of course we can say every biological creature is a hazardous biochemical machine. Homosexuality is not an error per se, but in a serious scientific contex it is a system failure.
  13. Its very understandable if you have a severe disease like cancer or alzheimer etc It's very understandable if you let's say you have debts of big amount and you have to live the rest of your life in misery without any hope. Or in my case when people call me fag, even my father call me faggot behind my back. Or when people say oh he is gay. That hurts my feeling. I can say there is VERY HIGH risk for doing suicide the next 10 to 20 years. There is a very deep un satisfaied wish about being heterosexual, having familiy with children and having a hetero man life. I CAN CHOSE if I want to end this life or not that's my right! It's EXTREMLY exhausting and depressing when I permanently get to hear insulting words and additionally I have to life as homosexual I suffering under. A person does wantto commit suicide when the brain realizes that there is no solution for a problem, that has an very negative influence on someones lifequality and general comfort. A person commits suicide if there huge difference between a extrem desire and reality. Lets say a man loves another woman and this love break up.The mssing of serotonin and dopamin can be so extrem, that this man commits suicide. A human has drives like eating, drinking or sex. And also the need to have social bonding and protection(flat or house). If those drives are satisfied and disires of a person are satisfied, there is a good balance of neurobiological system, then such a person won't commit suicide. I can say to you IT very EXHAUSTING to live a shit life. Conclusion A person commits suicide when neurobiological system is TOTALLY out of balance. My brain would react E X T R E M L Y if someone would come to me and say So Sir science has done research on human sexual orientation and is now able to manipulate and fix your sexuality. I would react like someone had injected a great amount of heroine into my body. This wishes are so strong that I would become scientost to make this true. DID YOU GET THAT? My brain permanently has did vision of how I will get SOMEHOW in the labor and DID YOU GET THAT? The big problem is most people psychology can fix peoples depression. That wrong, because human wishes and drives have deeper neurobiological and inborn causes.
  14. 23andme has done a gwas of myopia. Google it! Its polygenetic risk driven in interaction with evironment.
  15. I mean the keytone. This is interesting, because I read on elitepartner.ch that women prefer men with deep voice. And we know human voice level is strongly influenced by genes.
  16. I see you and the majority of people do not change their opinion and do believe masculinity, feminity, sexual orientation and sexual identification are learnt, adopted or chosen until science can give proof otherwise.
  17. To be androphilic is a feminine trait. And even on a neurobiological level there is something inborn feminized. Biochemistry is very complex and mistakes happen.
  18. Love, romance and erotic = cultivated form of sexual drive(because of our neocortex) Sexual drive ~ sexual orientation Androphilic sexual orientation = feminized neurobiological cellnetwork which processes sexual orientation(inborn instinct) Gynophilic sexual orientation = masculinized neurobiological cellnetwork which processes sexual orientation(inborn instinct) Heterosexual have according to their gender this cellnetwork masculinized or feminized Homosexual men have this neurobiological cellnetwork feminized homosexual women have this neurobiological cellnetwork masculinized
  19. Sorry if a man says he has sexual attraction towards children and he has no story of a bad childhood or other psychiatric disorder, then there has to be something neurobiological wrong. Do you agree?
  20. Why there isn't much research in Neuroscience when it comes to pedophilia or transsexuality? Neuroscientist should really do more investigations of real postmprtem brains. I give a shit on these mri or fmri studies. We have to do following: 1. Microscopic analysis of those different part of the brains. 2. Epigenomic associations studies 3. Transcriptome analysis 4. Proteome analysis 5. Metablome analysis
  21. What kind of frequency is considered to be a very deep male voice? 100HZ? 90HZ? 80HZ? I want to do later as scientist a genome wide association study of human voice level. I speculate that you can find out which SNPs in which genes do have an influence on human voice level. I would messure the human voice level of 20'000 men. Then I would do my study in this way: I take every man that has a deeper voice than 80HZ. And compare their genotype data with all men who have a higher voice than 80HZ. And then I would take every man who has a deeper voice than 85HZ and would compare with every men who has a higher voice. Is this succesfull?
  22. I also want to have sequenced my parents genomes. So I can find those 50 to 80 de novo mutations. Then I will examine which of those de novo mutations are in protein coding sequences or splicing sequences. Additionally I can use ucsc genome browser to check up if some de novo mutation are in cpg islands. And then I can also check up if some de novo mutations are in regulatory sequences(enhancer, promotors etc.) Thank ucsc genome browser you can see very well if a mutation is situated in regulatory elements. When I would find out the genetic cause for my homosexuality I had a target to fix later as a scientist.
  23. I think there is the possibility that within the next 30 years science and medicine will find out the neurobiological and biological functioning of sexuality(sexual orientation and sexual identification). And further 10 or 15 years science is able to manipulate someones sexuality. I would use it. On the same time I want to become professor in biochemistry, biology and genetics.
  24. Oh don't be silly! First I'am from Switzerland so here everything is much more expensive. 7 sessions of psychotherapy cost here about 1000$ not 750$. And anyway I am scientific hardwired. I give a shit on psychology. I am very happy that I can let sequence my entire DNA! I do not believe that most gays are gay because of their DNA sequence. But I do believe that some(minority) gay men do have defective genes. I think my homosexuality is caused by a defective gene. Or by 3,4 or 5 genes acting not well with each other because of weird polymorphism. I have observed gays in my life and I can say in "some" gays their genes have to be defective. Even me! I mean identical twins look almost pretty the same(face). Why I do look like faggot? I got several times insulted as faggot when they looked at my face. EVEN THIS week I was buying a sandwich and this woman said about me I would look very gay. Now imagine I had twins or clones, wouldn't they look also like me? This would be very strange if they looked not so gay. I pretty sure if I had a twin he also was gay, because my homosexuality has indeed a direct genetic cause. This study about epigenetic and homosexuality goes into tne correct direction, but you can't take saliva for predicting sexual orientation. You have examine thw brain cells not the salive. This let me believe the journalist nowadays are little bit shit. To have the list of de novo mutations could be a start. There is the idea to become scientis and professor so I have the laborities and sources and can fiddle about a solution to fix my homosexuality.
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