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  1. Einsteins theories are not evidence - he was a moron, like most of the people on this site.
  2. When or if you learn that Einstein was wrong about time and gravity, then you will begin to understand the Universe.
  3. Spheres have 3 dimensions - so does a piece of paper - according to some if you walk in a circle forever that represents infinity - it doesn't. Oh - so logic doesn't matter on this site - I get it.
  4. Everytime I start a thread they lock it - I suppose they fear someone might discover the truth. Everytime I answer a thread I get accused of highjacking WTF??
  5. I say it has to be infinite because if it is finite - how does it stop? what lies on the other side? Voids is not an answer- even a void takes space.
  6. height - width - depth - 3d - all spheres are 3d
  7. All spheres are 3d - look it up in a dictionary - unless you live in fantasyland.
  8. You want to explain how a basketball is 2d?
  9. You - you wrote where is the end of the world A sphere can be solid or hollow
  10. All spheres have borders - think of the earth, its a sphere - isn't there a border between the ground and air?
  11. Right - So if the Universe has always been here - any attempt to discover a "beginning" would be logically flawed. If its borderless - it means its infinite.
  12. You still haven't given an a answer as to how it could end - Aristotle called the Universe borderless - im going with him. Until the scientific community can come up with a plausible explanation of HOW it can end - im going with infinity.
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