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  1. It isn't size, but efficiency that is the concern. I don't see a problem with it. Just use more automated equipment. But, we should not be doing it at all. I already had a conversation with the president and a general about this. NASA will start extorting money out of us. "We just need a few billion dollars more to feed the starving astro-nuts." We don't need it. It really is not much more than entertainment. We have deep underground bases to preserve our degenerate species in the event of most natural disasters. A colony on one or more moons of Jupiter or even further out would make a lot more sense - in the event of a lasting change in solar emissions. Maybe even an interstellar colony ship. But honestly we have no business doing it at this point. As a species we are vermin and the word "colonize" would be more aptly replaced with the word "infest." Once we get our act together, make our wealthy and powerful quit eating children, quit stealing, quit cheating, quit the rape, learn to get along, then maybe...
  2. So a while back (few years) I was reading about some physics stuff that honestly is over my head when I had an idea for a particle accelerator that would produce ridiculously high energy particles from a desk-top setup. I happened to not have even the most primitive lab set up so I called a university physics professor and had him try it, after he finished trash talking me. It worked. He stole credit for it. I don't care...much...grr. I want to play with it myself but I can't remember the damned thing! I recall it using some basic particle source such as a $10 ebay ionizer plus an odd accelerator of some sort. Laser something, high voltage gradient this, magnetic field that, microwave thingamajigger. I just don't f-ing remember. Anyway, anyone have any idea what I'm talking about, how to build one, and how well does it work? Someone told me it works too well and I shouldn't build one ... men in black ... guys in green with stars on their shoulders ...amnesia. All comments appreciated. This reminds me of the time I told a guy how to make antimatter - lots of it - and he didn't even bother using a redundant power supply for his magnetic bottle. But acted like I'M the stupid one.
  3. If anyone knows what I'm talking about PM me. Also capacitor + metalizing and anything else that is obscure.
  4. I seem to remember someone telling me once that any attempt at diy electroplating was going to use up so much of my time and electricity that I would end up wishing I had just bought the thing made out of silver. True? I was thinking of using the silver nitrate + potassium cyanide method. Silver nitrate is available on ebay but where should I get the potassium cyanide? Is it $$$? Regarding safety, how dangerous is the cyanide? Is it like in the movies or more reasonable? If I were to forget to wear an apron and spill some on my pants would a quick shower fix it, or would my last words be "Oh shi..." I have easily available vinegar, lemon, and lime juice. Would adding them to the mix make it faster/more efficient? Or would this be another "Oh shi..." situation due to some interaction with either the cyanide or silver nitrate? Regarding ventilation, are we talking "open a window", outdoors, or glove-box-with-a-jet-powered-turbo-pump? If I were to mix (according to insutructions) silver nitrate and potassium cyanide, give it a little time to settle down, then put it in a plastic bottle with a tightly sealed lid... ok or "oh shi..."? Should I skip all this and do something different? Lastly, have you ever actually electroplated with cyanide? THANK YOU!!!!!!
  5. Mods can delete the other post. Lets try these questions instead. What is the lowest possible ph of human urine? Are the kidneys capable of producing ultra low ph urine to help keep blood ph stable? To what degree can they do this? What mechanisms of acidosis could cause a urine ph of 4.1?
  6. Hi all, I'm posting here out of academic curiosity. I'm not asking for medical advice or diagnosis which I know you would not give. I have diabetic acidosis, previously confirmed. I recently tested my urine ph with a cheap meter from ebay. I did a crude calibration of the meter by testing my tap water which came out at 6.5 which is a bit low but reasonable. I have tested my urine previously and came up with values as high as 7.2 while not taking insulin but usually quite lower. I tested my urine last night and it was 4.1 re-tested and re-checked the meter. Is this even possible? When I read about studies of diabetic acidosis they usually mention the lowest tested ph as 6.8 or so. Although that may have been blood ph and not urine ph. Are the kidneys capable of producing ultra low ph urine to help keep blood ph stable? I'm sure it isn't healthy to let that go on long. I started drinking water with a mix of baking soda and potassium bicarbonate and my urine ph is up to 6.5. I know normal is something like 7.35-7.45 What is the lowest theoretical value for urine ph? Is it possible there is something else going on here besides diabetic acidosis? Maybe elves sneaking into my room at night and giving me a hydrochloric acid drip? (joking) Interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks
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