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  1. 1) I would be truly wondered if not. 2) I wouldn't exclude such a possibility, but I have doubts mentally sick people often have mania with such specific technogenic undertext. Schizofrenia is an ancient illness, but microwaves became widely known in the last 40-50 years only... And also, how schizofrenics could even know that microwaves can cause an auditory hallucinations unless they read or heard about this before (what is not always a case). Frey effect is not widely known...
  2. How cases which involve microwave harassment are typically investigated by police in civilized countries? For example if some mentally troubled person will decide to irradiate his neighbours with microwaves through the walls, by either causing slow health damage to them or an auditory hallucinations, how police typically deals or suppose to deal by law in such cases?
  3. Probably directed antennas is not the best solution...
  4. Why there is no reversible process in the nature? At any level? What about quantum level? So, if reversible processes would exist in the nature and practically achievable in a reasonable time intervals, then we would be able to create a perpetuum mobile which is capable to produce some sizable useful work? Or...not?
  5. Can you explain in detail why exactly?
  6. Only perpetuum mobile of the first kind violates the energy conservation law. Perpetuum mobile of the second kind doesn't and therefore requires different arguments to disprove it. However perpetuum mobile of the second kind reduces the total entropy of the Universe (what is statistically improbable) and therefore violates the second law of thermodynamics. But the hypothetical engine that I've proposed for discussion doesn't reduce the total entropy of the universe. It leaves it unchanged, what makes it formally different from perpetuum mobile of the second kind. Therefore it may require completely new arguments altogether.
  7. I didn't claim it needs to be completely isolated from the Universe. I'm not sure it is one of the obstacles.
  8. Could somebody explain in detail why is it practically impossible (as I suspect) to create an engine which works without change of the total entropy of the Universe? Would it be a perpetuum mobile if it ever existed? Could such engine exist if ideally reversible process would be achievable in principle? Would it violate any Thermodynamics Laws?
  9. I think one of the largest problems with modern radio transmitters is that radio wave radiated omnidirectionally. It makes 99.99 % of all the energy lost in vain and only 00.01% of energy reach the cell tower. It would be good to invent something that would allow almost 99% of energy be transferred between the sender and the receiver. It could be helpful for peer to peer networks two. Possibly it could resemble some long-distance electromagnetic resonance?
  10. What would be temperatures on Venus if it would be completely Eath-like?
  11. What about communication which is based on totally new physical principles? Can we use something different than microwaves?
  12. Both Mars and Venus are equally unsuitable for terraforming because there is almost no hydrogen (in any form) on them. And without hydrogen there is no oceans and thus terraforming cannot be complete. If you will say we can bring an oceans of hydrogen from Jupiter or Saturn, I will say it is total sci-fi.
  13. Mobile phones will use too much energy for retranslation, I afraid, but this method could be tried in the field of stationary wireless internet first. But how users could make a global agreement to create peer to a peer network, and how can they negotiate the rebate from the providers?
  14. What will wireless communications look like in 50 years? Is there any new ideas on how is it possible: 1) Reduce amount of the base stations (cellular towers) quite a lot. 2) Increase the data transmission rates. 3) Reduce radiation. 4) Increase the distance signal travels and reduce power consumption? Is it possible at least theorize that somewhere in the distant future we may have wireless communication with no need for the base stations and subsequently free of cost, basically?
  15. For example, it could be useful for high-voltage Schottky diodes creation or solar cells with improved charge carriers separation.
  16. Is this question so difficult or simply rises no interest?
  17. Do I understand it right that despite the widespread stereotype a hybrid and electric vehicles are not a real threat to oil and gas producing countries? Because all this hybridization and electrification will take many decades and... 1) A new huge electric generating power plants have to be build and expended. 2) An electric infrastructure have to be modified and expanded. 3) It will take (many) decades to switch all the automotive industry to hybrids and electric cars production. 4) Hybrids and electric cars will become more and more common among the passenger vehicles, but among pickups and trucks they will spread more slowly. And even more so among plains, ships, agricultural and construction machinery, trains, etc. For now there no even serious plans to build an electric plains ever... 5) Signifficant amount of oil in the World (around 40-50%) is used for petrochemical needs rather than motor fuels. This is just in a few developed countries the portion of motor fuels reach 75-80%. So, in time when all this changes will start to affect oil market seriously, there will be severe shortage of oil in the World already and some modern oil producing countries like Russia, Mexico, Norway may leave the title of oil producing powerhouses. If there will be no oil saving techniques in 50 years, oil prices will get so high and oil will get so scarce that people throughout the World will be simply forced to abandon hydrocarbons as an energy source completely. So, paradoxically the technologies like hybrid vehicles help to make hydrocarbon era longer than it otherwise would be. If all the modern vehicles would have the same fuel economy as they did in 1970-th, there will be no more conventional oil anywhere in the ground already. And anyone would use biofuel.
  18. Some relatively serious sources similar to wikipedia and others claim there exist a microwave auditory effect also known as a Frey effect which causes an auditory "hallucinations" in humans on 300 MHz - 3 GHz frequencies. However, what seem strange to me, is that I never in my life ever read or heard it would become a subject of a jokes or hooliganity in any country. In our time it should be very easily to acquire or slightly modify a radio transmitter even for poor people who live in a poor countries. Then such a device (which is capable to cause an auditory effects) should become a one of the most common toy device of all the hooligans on the planet. Try to imagine what kind of tricks and jokes could be done with help of it. And especially as an official legislation doesn't proclaim any serious responsibility for its use. Futhermore if children are joking. Yet I never heard of anything like this. What rises question: does this effect really exist???
  19. Doesn't this "ice" consist of CO2, primarily? This is not "watery" ice doesn't it? The entire surface is the size of Eurasia, but to have stable climate it will need an oceans, what will reduce the habitable territory even more? Otherwise, why someone needs to go so far, to spend all his life in the space suit and live in some underground city? Why do that if there is no hope for the terraforming? Economically Mars colony will not be self sustainable. The only thing it may offer to Earth is minerals, but the extraction total costs will be uncompetitive. Therefore those people who will move there will need to account for complete Autarky.
  20. Do you think Mars does have any perspectives for colonization in the forthcoming centuries? I would think it is very doubtful. Too small, too low gravity, too little solar radiation, no significant reserves of water or other hydrogen compounds (from which water could be made). Only mentally ill will move there.
  21. Do exist some way to create near infinite energy barrier at the metal-p-type semiconductor interface? Possibly some quantum effect?
  22. I think the limits of engineering are dictated by human needs, first of all. If these needs are limited then practical application of engineering is as well. In order to increase the limits we would need to have a new (super)human with more needs then we are now. The field which almost have no limit is energy. Humans may want to build more and more powerful power stations for various purposes. Space exploration as well. Nanotechnology. Genetic engineering. Robotics.
  23. In majority of applications like transport or mobile phones the mass is critical. Also the size is also larger than Li-ion.
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