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  1. There are rumors that some members of the royal family in Denmark joked that opinion of Greenland inhabitants should be asked.
  2. What if US would propose to each inhabitant of Greenland $1.000.000? (Something like $4.000.000 per family?) Would they support idea to become US citizens? If yes, then entire purchase would cost USA 60 billions of USD.
  3. will not be supported by any Canadian politician who actually wishes to be elected to office Why not?
  4. Now 90% of Canadian natural resources and lands officially belongs to Canadian govt. Obviously if Canada will become part of US all this resources will be controlled from Washington, DC.
  5. What do you think about USA and Canada unification? Do you think US govt. would support a Canadian politician who would promote such idea?
  6. Fortunately it's already 30 years passed as Poland live the way it wants. It's time to get optimistic and step over the past. Look forward towards the bright future. Well, if many Poles can't do this then it is a part of national mentality not always explicable to the rest of World.
  7. Where do you think European politics is heading in general? Will it move much to the "right" or contrary to the "left" or some other surprising variants are possible?
  8. Denying all the objective reality beyond our own consciousness is the "subjective idealism" which became a marginal direction in philosophy nowadays. From this we may conclude that matter exist independent of our concousness.
  9. No. Something real does exist independently of someone's consciousness. We do not always can perceive something real with our senses. Virtual reality on other hand exist inside of some simulation systems which could be natural (like human brains) or artificial (like computers). If all people will die and computers get destructed there will be no more virtual reality, but true reality (the matter at least) will continue to exist. So, philosophically there is obvious difference between there two types of realities.
  10. Does it mean it will tunnel for 30 cm distance with no problems? And what about kilohertz waves?
  11. I wouldn't expect that advanced mind control is possible with help of a pure radiation only.
  12. This is typical to electrons or similar elementary particles with very small de Broigle wavelength. Are you sure the same is true about radio waves? What is de Broigle wavelength of a say 1 GHz radio wave? I'm not sure we can speak about radio wave as about separate photons in this context.
  13. What is known about radio waves quantum tunneling? It seems such effect does exist. Can radio wave tunnel between a two remote antennas with almost no attenuation?
  14. Displacement currents is an electric phenomenon (or a bunch of a similar phenomenon) observed in a dielectric media. It happens when electric charges swing without actually moving. For example in air, I think, it could be a periodic change in air molecules collective polarization. I don't know what could be done in order to organize it, but possible we need to tap the resonance frequency of a certain type of molecules present in the air. For example nitrogen or oxygen molecules may have some particular vibrational frequency. Possibly we may need very high frequency of a changing electric field. Possibly displacement currents may carry data or energy. This field is still poorly explored, not much data on it.
  15. How can we exploit the ground? Can the "displacement currents" in air or ground be ever useful to transmit data or energy? What if we use the resonant frequency of air molecules? To cause polarization waves of air molecules? Can some quantum mechanics be useful for data transmission? For example, can we create some kind of "quantum coupling" between two antennas?
  16. I think wireless technology moves in the direction opposite from desirable, in some aspects. The frequencies mobile devices use constantly increase, but it requires to reduce the distance between communicating nodes. A compact walkie-talkie device which works in 60-100 MHz range allows to communicate in 60 km range without problems. A mobile phone which works on 2 GHz frequency requires less than 500 meters distance to a cell tower.
  17. 1) Mobile users constantly change their location, and it will require constant antennas redirection on the fly. 2) No direction can be perfect. Especially long distance. Can you imagine two small antennas perfectly directed at each other at 1 km distance?
  18. This question relates to the famous problems of QUALIA in philosophy and the psycho-physical problem. Not only to pain, but also any kind of feelings, emotions, and reality perception. According to my knowledge modern science cannot offer any sound solutions to these problems. It lays beyond human understanding.
  19. I didn't claim it does really exist... I said about people who complain about technological harassment and SUSPECTED with schizofrenia.
  20. That is strange. And even unexpected. I would rather expect that those who complain for harassment and have increased "schizophrenia occurence" are people with different varieties of a left/socialist/social democratic views. It is surprising if not...
  21. So, these people who claim they are targeted by the government agencies typically provide some reason for been targeted or not?
  22. But a hypothetical perpetuum mobile of the second kind (let say Maxwell's demon) doesn't have this problem? Or at least it is not one of the objections against it? How come? If Maxwell theorized about "demon" which is "capable" to reduce the total entropy of the closed system, could we theorize about "Maxwell's demon of the second kind" which makes system run keeping its entropy unchanged?
  23. But relatively inexpensive unlimited mobile internet still haven't become a standard even in majority of developed countries?
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