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  1. Ok I think this part I get I think what confuses me why he uses the speed of light squared. What is the determination based on?
  2. This I understand. What c2 exactly refers to in the equation? As far as I am able to sense, it says Energy = Mass in SpaceTime I know it is crazy....and I also think that while space can be volume, time can be just information. Still physical....
  3. Isn't it the speed of light squared? I recognize that in a moment of observation we have volume rather than velocity. I know. Just let it go.
  4. Mass is a form of energy = Energy is a form of mass Substance: Matter, anything that has mass and takes up space Feels like we speak about two different states of the same thing....
  5. Yes. We have the freedom of the mind. Determine please what you mean by Nothing? 1 This basically says matter is transformed energy. What transformed energy? Space and Time Thought experiment: Could the initial velocity of empty space-time be c2 at the beginning and why would the limitation apply(i.e why it is not infinite)? Energy, mass, and matter appear
  6. I think you should see the title of the topic in speculations and recognize why he has been placing the question at first hand. I hope your profound answers on the raised topic will really help him to trust from now on, the clarity of mathematics.
  7. Where the original apple we operated disappeared to?
  8. Koti, you could define what 0 means in a mathematical result. Please on a way that me and my other 7 billion undereducated fellow earthlings with limited mental capabilities understand that too. (i.e you connect your explanation to the physical reality) Multiplication is basically repeated addition.
  9. Since this thread is already derailed by you into the realm of nonsense, why don’t you give us a mathematical proof of what you state in your paper: 1*0=1. I have an apple. I multiply it with nothing (i.e i did not add anything to it) I still have an apple.
  10. don't derail the thread Strange. Do not be a bully. Respect the different pace and methods of learning and different interests of the individuals.
  11. I know. That is why I say it is not nothing. They have connections to reality and most of the axiomatizations are true but some fundamental determination for some reason seems to be blur which from my perspective causing confusion.
  12. I play with the idea and raise questions I recognize from this anomaly that there is some problem with our calculus. I learn like this.
  13. I think I work on the most simple math in the know universe. 0 1 I always have a reference point to compare information to and I have to say it works awsome in the praxis because I understand my patients problems from any perspective while you can not clearly enough describe a simple mathematical axiomatisation supported with a physical example which I can not confute. So I am pretty fine wondering around about value recognition and try to understand how scientists recognize different values. I have the right to chat around, I learn(ed) the rules, it is a forum and I do not force anyone on anything, I ask questions and I make few suggestions which you can deny reasonably. I am all good with that. I am here to learn which is one purpose of life after all.
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