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  1. Then move it to the correct section? Its a paper that has gained traction and was picked up by numerous websites, where exactly is the right spot to post it.
  2. Is that a rhetorical question or are you trolling? The only reason i linked the article is because this is the "news" section of the forums on which ive seen the paper pop up on various sites so i just randomly picked that one. If you are trying to make some sort of point by reading a synopsis by a brain dead beat writer on some unknown website to make a point, i think you know what you are to be ashamed of.
  3. Oh, really? Guess my reading comprehension is lacking these days: Are you reading the actual paper or just quoting the news article? Pretty sure ive seen you do this multiple times on this forum, shame shame moderator.
  4. Not sure what you are getting at, the article is clearly stating we are in a very special spot in the cosmos, i never said anything different.
  5. Oh i love to use science, but im also not attatched to it at the hip like yourself. To get to the big questions (surprising you dont know what i mean by this one) we as a people are going to need to invoke science, philosophy, history, and just well common sense to come to some truths.
  6. I actually dont care about any of the conspiracy theorist nutjobs that you speak of. Like i said i posted here originally to see if smart people did exist on the internet, i mean this is the science forum after all surely there has to be a few right lol? You are really good at forum debating but i wouldnt necessarily deem you a smart guy, my guess is you were really good at debate club in college and after finding nothing you were good at in life just settled down here. Dont get it twisted you have the best chance of doing anything on this forum, everyone else ive ran into here are lost in the
  7. As noted above science has limits my strange internet forum goer. If we want to answer the big questions you gotta invoke the gut, this i am 100% certain of and no one on this planet could convince me otherwise. Its basically relativity in a nutshell, what an absolutely friggin delicious sinister theory that one is.
  8. I dont take quotes from other people i only write down genuine thoughts, i truly see science no different to religion in the sense it is something you hold tight to your chest and will not let go. I gave example of this above which you apparently missed, influenced as a child has a lot to do with this on either side. I was lucky enough to avoid any influence, well at least for the things i am attempting to solve.
  9. It takes a real man to do good work without recognition, maybe we arent so different after all.
  10. Is that not the goal of every scientist? To get their name somewhere on a plaque claiming they did something world changing? Actually surprised you didnt get this part. The scientific method is limiting, but you will follow it to the grave because you are so tied to it. It is your religion, far more than anything ive ever tied myself too. Crazy how you dont get that.
  11. Strange just be assured you will be the first to figure out tygon b has a initial thrust of 3.4vectorpunch rendering the equation done at delta force maximous null, your name could be on that plaque.
  12. The only reason i originally posted on this forum was to see if i could find an intellectual equal, in that process ive found that its not about being smart its about figuring out who has the right questions. We are all semi on the same level, but what takes actual brain power is figuring out where to spend it on. I think science gets bogged down in the details a bit too much, important for somethings to be sure but others its a real hinderance.
  13. Science can only get you so far my dude. I dont know strange or any of the other regular posters here but id fare a wager they were seduced by science at an early age, maybe the beauty of numbers or the fibonacci sequence and how it replicates itself so perfectly in nature. But that is the problem, people get to close to something and they just cant let go, it is now an all or nothing situation. I am odd bird in the sense that i am a true free thinker, and trust me when i say this has more negatives than positives. But what i does allow me to do is distance myself from any sort of bond or prec
  14. So we can agree its a very well drawn out observance of possibilities? I just care about being right for some reason, have my whole life. I think to get there you gotta initiate the gut, that is where i feel science took a left at albuquerque.
  15. You still confuse me as a religious person, kind of incredible lol. Every ounce of what i feel to be real is based on cosmological/scientific studies, the part where i disagree with people is the intuition part. Relativity denotes a possibility, not a truth.
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