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  1. http://www.alaska.net/~clund/e_djublonskopf/Flatearthsociety.htm Read the arguments. Made me laugh....
  2. Read "The New Time Travelers" discusses this...
  3. I appreciated the handout on fallacies. I read the entire thing. I've not much experience in actual academic arguments, but I am slowly learning.
  4. First off I am sorry that I am not as precise in language as some of you more educated lads. I am not always able to convey what I am thinking in concise terms. Especially when it comes to mathematical concepts/philosophy. The infinite only exists as a mathematical idea? How would one explain the reasoning behind the Omniverse if infinity isn't "physical"? (I am sincerely curious- and by no means attempting to be confrontational) I have a paradox for you.... It is similar to Zeno's room paradox. Consider that one second of time has occurred. Before one half of a second can occur, one quarter must elapse . Before a forth can elapse; one eighth must occur; and so on. Is it fair to say that an infinite amount of "time" has happened within one second? This is puzzling...Has a second even really "happened"? By this reasoning it would not even be able to be 1/2...because you could continuously divide. As far as parameters, more than anything this is a general discussion of the properties of this mysterious concept that we use everyday...The infinite... Something of which I have long been obsessed/fascinated. I do not believe that time has always existed..If I am correct, if an infinte amount of time happens, anything that can happen, has already occured. So time did have an origin of sorts. Agree or disagree?
  5. What is it you consider baseless? The simple notion that the universe was CREATED? Why is this so hard to comprehend? It takes far more faith for someone to believe the universe has always existed- than it does to say that it was created by an ultra-intelligent being. < In my humble opinion. But please stay on topic. By no means is this a religious discussion but merely an inquiry into the proposition of some of the more basic questions that we ask everyday...(But have no REAL answers) Such as.. Does the "infinite" exist in a physical realm-actuality? Could a supposed being with infinite amounts of mind power consider itself to its fullest extent? I am interested in everyone's thoughts on these things (And any other paradoxes that anyone would like to bring up.) We may not be able to answer all these questions but they sure are fun to think about....
  6. Hmm really? Then answer the question. Where did the universe come from? Matter? Did it just suddenly decide to exist? Let's see your use of logic.
  7. Yes I understand. I was simply pointing out common philosophy of deities i.e. all powerful. I will admit that I am religious in most respects, so I may be "biased" in that regard. I myself cannot conceive of a universe originating from nothing. It seems only logical to say that our consciousness came from a previous consciousness. But it appears I am ranting, Does the infinite even exist in a physical reality? They say there are an infinite number of universes(and attributes thereof), so by supposition- the infinite does exist in a physical realm- The Omniverse. Does it not?
  8. Here's a paradox for you. By definition the "infinite" is a substance without bounds, endless. Having no conceivable end. If it does have an ending it isn't infinite. So can a super intelligent being who created the universe and all of its laws "count" to infinity? An entity who is by common thought, an infinitely powerful being. Think about it... Can the infinite-conscious be aware of itself to it's fullest extent?
  9. ah yea, I didn't read closely enough to realize that...But I'm certain an update wouldn't hurt...
  10. Hmmm I recommend the book "The new time travelers" It discusses this question in depth...a very good read But anyway, saying that a "God" created the universe is more comforting than saying that "the universe fell together." Who decided that matter should exist? What decided it should exist? Nobody, nothing? Think about it...what happened before the big bang? trillions of years before the big bang what happened? Mind boggling isn't it? And if you say that we originated from a previous universe, well where did that universe come from?
  11. When I said "understanding" I meant qualitative data and process information.. Not necessarily a philosophihcal understanding... It all depends on your observation Relative to the dynamic entity Which would be the brain. I'm speaking in metaphors but you see the point... Whether or not you are a genius/or someone with ground-breaking knowledge I wouldn't know. If you think you have some info that may be useful to mankind we would appreciate you sharing it. Cheers
  12. If a super Intelligent being created an abstract dimension ie time I'm pretty sure he would have the ability to alter it to his needs and/or navigate its entirety... Yes I would say time would not affect this individual in any "real" sense. Except by observation thereof.
  13. Maybe you need to update Java? I know they recently released an update for that. I had an issue like this recently but the update took care of it. Cheers
  14. That pretty much sums it up I'd say... Although not everyone becomes "wise" with age..It's not biologically inherit. It also depends on what you classify as "wisdom." There are many different definitions. Until we have a better understanding of the brain and consciousness etc,etc we will always be asking questions like yours.. Cheers
  15. That is why God invented Amazon...They should have something..I have several biochem texts but not what you are in need of.
  16. wow...no replys... thats lames
  17. What about Period-doubling? Are vast numbers capable of falling into this kind of pattern? Chaos theory and integers?
  18. Does such a thing exist? I think the highest perfect number so far was calculated at 10^300 and mathematicians are currently moving towards 10^500.. so far all perfect numbers are even... Do you think odd perfect numbers exist? I did a few calculations of my own... and thought about it quite a bit and I think it could be done.... it would take an infinite amount of time to calculate the exact number but maybe if you could figure out "about" where it is.. the perfect-number pattern which is....(after the main number of course) "6,8,6,8" adds to itself every consecutive, but it also jumps around a bit to. Another question I have is, are numbers themselves capable of period doubling?
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