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  1. Ohh I see thanks for the explanation...As far as IDEs go...I like codelite. It comiples just about everything.. Cheers,
  2. Isn't it ironic that High-level programming languages are supposed to be easier to learn than low-level languages? lol
  3. Where do I find a link for VCStudio Express and can you tell me more about it?
  4. Well to be honest I've only browsed those sections and haven't really invested a lot of time exploring some of that stuff...(I do more with the compilers and txt editors) If I find anything of interest I'll let you know though... Cheers,
  5. Okay I got it running. I found a great tool called Furious-mount that mounts bin, cue , and iso files to a virtual drive...From there I just had to run the executable of the install through wine. Now my fear has come to fruition. The video quality is marginal and the sound and after installing Directx9 the intro video plays but it crashes when I go to play the game...like at the load screen. I'm pretty sure its some kind of conflict of interest between directx9 and wine. Just wanted to give an update. Cheers,
  6. Yea I've got the latest stable version of Wine and it works great for my other games. The only problem is that in order to get RoN to install I've got to download a bunch of dependencies and install them through the shell....Which is always an organic process and never fun..Classic all nighter. I appreciate your answer nonetheless. Cheers,
  7. No this paper wasn't legit at all. Did you happen to notice that most of the images used are from various species of micro-organisms right here on Earth? Why hasn't 'Science' or 'Nature' came out with anything? Are they out of the loop? Yea right. Don't feed me bologna and call it filet Mignon. Cheers,
  8. If you are interested in trying out a new OS look into edubuntu. Ubuntu in general actually has a lot of software that is quite good at modelling physics, biology, chemistry, etc phenomena. On their software center they have a whole section devoted to science and another to education. The best part is that its all free and extremely easy to download. Cheers,
  9. Hey just had a quick question regarding ROS. I'm running a linuix distro right now (Ubuntu) and have been trying to run a downloaded copy of 'Rise of Nations' (its from my original hdd) and have decided that setting up a virtual drive to mount the iso on is too much work with not enough return (issues reported include mouse problems and no sound when running the game). So I was curious about using a new OS to run the windows program. ROS shares alot of the API with windows but its built from the ground up and I'm not real familier with its capabilities with regards to applications and there is no database that I could find that lists this information. Any help at all would be appreciated.. Cheers,
  10. You can speculate all day but I doubt you will end much further from where you began. We (collectively humans, specifically scientists) just haven't gathered enough data to come to an accurate conclusion imo. It's definitely worth going insane over, if anything is.
  11. Wow. To be totally honest, I'm impressed. Most of the people I know who do accept the bible as supernaturally inspired haven't even taken the time to learn Hebrew and Greek Aramaic. Might I ask how you managed to learn both languages? I'm getting at software...in particular. Cheers, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What are some good commentated versions of the Gnostic gospels?
  12. The plane crash happened within the last few hours... It is much more difficult to prove a relation doesn't exist, than it is to identify its existence. Did you notice that the Pakistani officials have already 'ruled-out' terrorism? hmmmmmmm Pakistan is a major non-Nato Ally. This is a different situation.
  13. I would like to a raise a single point. Is there any suspicion amongst you all that the release of these documents is related to the recent plane crash in Pakistan? After hearing Ambassador Husain Haqqani reject the information contained in the documents I can't help but think that his country is involved in a very large operation. Whether this operation is bred of malice towards the West I will not say. Provide your thoughts,
  14. If you have the mental fortitude for this kind of exercise, by all means go for it. Be sure to let us know about the results..
  15. If they disagree with your ideology, are they genetically inferior? How come some Americans aren't born with a predisposition towards 16th century Russian political classes?
  16. It is a well-known fact that Christ kept the traditional Jewish Sabbath, which is Saturday. You should do some research into the Jewish Calendar. A lot of interesting information regarding when the Sabbaths should be kept can be found in the Calendar. Another thing, Do you know who changed the traditional 7th day Sabbath to Sunday? It was at the Council of Nicea which took place after there was a split in the early church and many things began to get changed. It's almost like people don't understand History. If they would just look a littler further than their nose they would also find the reason the Catholics do the sprinkling of Holy water. It was because a sick man named Novatian was never baptized. He figured that while on his deathbed if they would just come and splash some water on him, he would be good to go. So this is obviously a tradition... (Neander’s CHURCH HISTORY, I, 325) Hmmm, what does the Bible say about all these traditions of men? I just don't understand how people can ignore that and instead make their own practices and ideas doctrines. What's the point of having a religion if that is what you are doing? Just thought all that was interesting. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged You are absolutely correct. Many people fail to understand this very key concept.. Kudos to you. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged That is entirely true. Most churches today take a very laid-back stance on the Ten commandments. A good question to ask someone who claims that Christ did away with them is; Well you probably don't mind if I sleep with your wife then? About the biblical inconsistencies. I'd be interested to see what you consider inconsistent. I have come across things that at first I though were wrong. After doing a bit of research I often come to find that I'm the one who is wrong. Like Abraham's age at his father's death. That is a very tricky one. Can you provide an example or two?
  17. I'm sorry I have to comment on this. What day do you attend church jryan?
  18. Well, actually there was a Son and a Father...Maybe not fully realized by the Isrealites but.. ( Jesus Christ was the mediator between Man and God. John 1:1 is considered the true beginning of the Bible for the very fact that it reveals the very hand of God that created the universe. So we both agree that the ark was not a graven image?
  19. You know, to be honest with you, that doesn't really make any sense whatsoever. The Bible does not instruct us to pray to Mary. If you can find one area in the whole Bible that says otherwise I will gladly yield. Yes I know they do not believe she ascended to heaven, instead they believe she assumed...body and soul. Once again the bible makes no mention of this that I can find. Back to the point though. They are wrong to hope that one would pray on their behalf, excepting of course the Son, Jesus Christ. Does that say pray to Mary so that she may pray on your behalf? No, Christ clearly said to pray to the Father. Also is it not Catholics who pray often repetitious prayers? It's almost as if they are trying to do everything the EXACT opposite of the way it was instructed..A bit ironic isn't it? I don't think it gets any clearer than that. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged It doesn't get worship from the Jews. The old covenant gave very specific instructions about how to handle the Ark of the covenant. Can you show me where it says it was a symbol of God the father?
  20. Kudos to you for understanding Paul's actual viewpoint. Most people assume that in his Galation's letter that he was throwing the law away (He actually was condemning them for practicing circumcision on fully grown men.) I'm sorry to tell you that Christ wasn't here to do away with the law. He came to magnify it. He said: I did a word study on the word 'law' that is used. What I found was the word is 'nomos' which is used through the idea of prescriptive usage, generally regulation, but specifically referring to Moses and more figuratively a physical principal. Although God gave Moses the new covenant commandments, statutes and laws on Mount Sinai, Abraham had been following these same laws long before. Here also refers to putting away the physical practice of atonement for sin. Christ through his new covenant was the ultimate sacrifice and made the all other sacrifices were meaningless after this. See Paul's letters on this. Can you identify what scriptures made you think that Christ put the law away? cheers Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged He did not nail the law to the cross. He nailed our sins to the cross. The law is only evil when men add unto it. The Pharisees were doing this to burden down the people and make themselves appear righteous. They were the ones who originated the things like you weren't allowed to spit on the ground on the Sabbath because it was plowing the dirt and might be work! Christ came at his father's will to do a job. He came bearing a sword: that sword was the word and the law. Yes certain aspects of the law were changed, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. An old testament principle was when you were building a house you would build a barrier around the upstairs opening so that people would not fall out. You would then be responsible for their blood. Do you think Christ would abolish this practice? No! He wouldn't, that would stupidity. This young man was a Jew. He had been all his life. Do you think he ignored the law? No he did not! He says quite plainly that he had done these things all this life. Christ wants more than just the law though. He wants to write it on our hearts and minds. I'll add more later. cheers
  21. Why because Mary is in heaven with God? "John 3:13 And no one has ascended up to Heaven except He who came down from Heaven, the Son of Man who is in Heaven." I have it completely wrong then?
  22. Paul, James and Christ were all in agreement.. Luther was incorrect when he called the the book of James straw.. Rickdog there are not 11 commandments. Jesus Christ was trying to break down the 10 to their basic premises. The first Five are love for God and the last Five are love for man. Jesus taught that the law was not done away with. “But if you want to enter into life, keep the commandments” (Matthew 19:17) He was talking about commandment keeping and certain aspects of the law he came to amplify. Animal sacrifice was replaced by the ultimate sacrifice, which was the death of the lamb (himself). "Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill. For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled. Whoever therefore breaks one of the least of these commandments, and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever does and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven" (Matthew 5:17–19) How come so many people claim to love him yet they won't even follow his basic instructions? Does anyone here believe that Christ broke the sabbath once? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Exactly.. They don't even follow the basic commandments so how can they profess to be Christ's church? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Well actually that's a fallacy. You said Christians, not all Christians ignore the law. You just kinda lumped them all together but it's not reality. That's like me saying that all 15 year olds listen to Nirvana...
  23. Interesting article that correlates to politics but since it's science news I'll post it here.. Lemme know what you thinks Cheers
  24. How about cutting spending on all those pet projects congress has funneled into their bills? That would be a nice start. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedExample: Bridge to nowhere
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