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  1. I second that. Way too many are willing to believe in pyschic powers without proof simply because it is an interesting possibility.
  2. remember that poor eyesight can be acquired as well.
  3. not to nitpick, but it wiped out most if not all the large animals living at the time, including the plesiosaurs, thalattosuchians, mosasaurs, pterosaurs, etc.
  4. OKay I will look into it maybe and give some opinion later. I can start by saying arrogance certainly isn't a good quality for a scientist to have.
  5. very good points here. I never thought of all that. Even though I don't hunt, I used to appreciate the fact that it reduces their numbers. I never thought of the other points you mentioned. Thanks for changing my mind
  6. let me clarify. I will believe anything if solid proof and a rational explanation is shown to me.
  7. let me correct this: I know have read enough of his alcohol driven, bigoted quoted to get a pretty good idea where he was coming from. Are you saying he was a good man? Besides, what does this have to do with your argument?
  8. Thank you. i was getting tired of repeating the same thing to this person over and over again in response to his one-sided argument.
  9. I ikinow enough, let me say that. SInce I learned about him in history class, and also read many of this alcoholic's quotes, I think I do know who he is.
  10. I haven't heard much about this guy, what kind of things has he proposed?
  11. You are right. I live in the notheastern US and the most poisonous snake is the Timber Rattler. We also have Copperheads which I have had a few run-ins with. Tourists freak when you tell them that there are two rare, moderately venomous snakes here.
  12. The best way to surviv a desert is to find one, then go in the opposite direction. If you insist on going to one, spend the night in one to see how it is. Chances are it will s&*k. Ut I wouldn't know. I have been to New Mexico scrub, not a real desert. Poisonous reptiles and arthropods pale in comparison to sunstroke, dehydration and the risk of getting hopelessly lost (depending on which desert, your chances of wandering too far from civilization in someplace like california is rare).
  13. Makeup isn't necessary. You can be healthy and survive without makeup. Its ridiculous that we think it is such a necessity that we must test it out first. I really have no asnwer to this. i wouldn't like to see my mother's face burnt off, but I never said she needs makeup in the first place. It is a "want" not a "need". If a person wants to wear makeup, then I dare say they should be prepared to take the chances. Besides, not to be argumentative (okay, to be) has something like this ever happened? By the way, my name isn't Jeff
  14. Yeah I am advocating cannibalism because I think humans shouldn't be so egotistical to assume animals are put here for our benefit. Call me Jeff Dahmer 2.0.
  15. it is the fact that it is a daily schoolwide event which features a reference to the christian god, which school funded or school-wide events are supposed to be neutral on. It almost celebrates the false notion that this is a christian nation. I don't believe in god, but I certainly don't want the fact that I am living in a country where the people in charge do, and proper citizens do, touted.
  16. easy. go back to the pre-1954 recitation that omits the word "god". It goes from "one nation" to "indivisible". Everyone is happy. Except for some christians who have to make it known that they accept a god.
  17. hit "back" on your taskbar. peer pressure, exclusion that kind of thing. Its the fact that the pledge is a schoolwide event that clearly references the christian god. Put yourself in that situation. No one wants to be singled out.
  18. notice the quotation marks when I wrote "voluntary".
  19. It is not "harmless" peer pressure. I am not saying shelter your children from it. There are many ways for them to experience it in school, believe me. It's simply not right to make citing a religion's god a daily event in school, voluntary or not. Before you were saying that peer pressure either didn't exist, or had little impact, and that it is easily resisted. Now you are saying that it is good. Its' my turn to make a confused face
  20. why should a student be required to even make that choice? Why can't we make everyone happy and simply omit the word "god"? Is it that important for christians to have it said when it can potentially cause trouble? What I have a problem with is the fact that the actual pledge contains the word "god", and it is said in schools en mass, regardless of the fact that students can omit the word, or not say the pledge. Why does "god" even have to be there in the first place?
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