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  1. I was not being biased here. My point was that people still continually try to sneak creation into the schools, it was my assumption that was under the guise of a science, not a religion. I wasn't talking about what they used to do. Sorry if I was wrong, I don usually give a rats a$$ what those southern fundamentalists did in the past. I was talking about what they are attempting now. Nad I don't think that everyone that is religious are crazy. Please don't put words in my mouth. You are telling me that southern fundamentists are rational human beings?
  2. sorry I'm late on this. I didn't know this. Wow that sucks.
  3. oops you said that, sorry. How embarassing. I got to stop reading so fast.
  4. How about there are some people who don't believe in God as well. That would go a pretty long way too.
  5. Wrong. Does it say "in gods we trust?" does it say "in Allah we trust". No it says "God" denoting the Judeo-Christian's one and only "God". You are not even considering those that don't even believe in God in this argument. Is it that important to people just to have a passing mention of God, when you are alienating so many people?
  6. Learning about different religions is one thing-as long as you don't slant in favor of one. In high school we learned about Martin Luther, the Catholic church, Islam and other stuff like that. In college I took a Western Civ class and we learned about Zoroastrianism and other religions that pertained to history. We never covered Christ when leanring about Rome becasue my teacher said it was an insignificant occurance in the scope of Roman history. Learning about religions as history is fine, as long as it is taught objectively. As an Atheist I never felt offended becasue the teachers were being objective and not preaching or trying to make me pray to their god/gods.
  7. Its the other way around. here in America all secular, government-funded schools have to teach evolution. In the souther states, there are many crazy religious people who want their biblical creation dogma taught alongside of, or instead of, evolution. The reason is pretty obviously they can't stand the fact that their religion isn't allowed in schools, so they present a part of their religion as science in hopes that it can get into the schools. Yeah, Americans are wierd.
  8. I would say improve parts of the brain that go wrong. For all its complexity and seeming effiiciency, people still have mental problems.
  9. Remember that biblical creationists, or those that reject evolution out of stubborness of faith in favor of the genesis section of their holy book (is this good, Demothenese?) want creationism taught in schools is rarely out of intellectual or practical reasons. They feel evolution will make them satan's children and they want their faith in schools because people tell them they can't have it in schools.
  10. In response to original post: No he isn't taking it too far. This is a nation of plurality. It is in the constitution that this is a secular country, yet we have our idiot president sayiong that "God told me to run for president". Now he can have his belifes. Thats fine. But WE elect the president, and tell him what to do, not god. This is not one nation under god. So we exclude all the citizens who are Muslim, Atheists, Buddhists, Daoists, Shintos, Wiccans, Agnostics, pantheists, etc. The use of the word "God" is not all exclusive. It obviously is pertaining to the Judeo-Christian God. There are people who don't accept that there is a god or gods. Are they not U.S. citizens? Should they be excluded and feel alienated from the country's solemn pledge and the president's inauguration ceremony? Ideally, no. But something has to be done about it, and I am glad this guy is.
  11. More to the point, i agree with the fact that creationism is a "valid" theory per se, but it is not a good one. I also agree that, if there is a god (a fact which I personally don't believe) then it could have used evolution to make living things and all that. I refuse to debate about how the universe/earth began, becasue I dount anyone has a perfect explanation abou that. However evolution is an almost perfectly mapped description of how life diversifies and changes.
  12. wow after not a day of going on here 3 more pages of posts have been made. you guys all have very good valid arguments. Makes me proud to be the one who started this debate
  13. Technology like a minicam seems kind of elaborate just to trick someone with. I am going with body language and tells myself. Probably or maybe a conjunction of both.
  14. We have tried, but they are always localized. I believe that we should restore things to a natural order. But they would still come into conflict with people, and perhaps the same thing would happen again.
  15. okay thanks. I knew it was a post-ranking thing, but I didn't know what they meant, and I just wanted to be in the know. (wow its like a video game!) I also noticed that some people have custom (like Sayonara3's Futurama Nixon quote, lol) ranks. Do you get these by having over 5000 posts?
  16. I really appreciate a person with original ideas, even if I don't happen to agree with all of them. I know they are trying to argue for their religious beliefs in light of a lack of scientific evidence. But this is a science forum, as I have said. Tactics are tactics. You can present facts, or you can bash, lie and attack. It doesn't make it right to do, and it doesn't make it correct. That kind of arguing has no spot in any discussion, let alone a science forum. Their lack of evidence only goes to show how desperate biblical creationists are to keep their beliefs from being overshadowed in (other areas but the south) by science.
  17. Hellbender


    I noticed after 50 posts it now says "meson" next to my name. Before that it said "lepton". What do these terms mean? Keep in mind that if they are physics terms, it makes sense that I wouldn't know what they are. I suck at math.
  18. hmmm thats a toughie. Well I guess we should send Agents Mulder and Scully over there to see. Seriously though, there has to be some trick to it. Sounds pretty interesting to me. Maybe he could be spying on them?
  19. The natural explanation is that the people inadvertanly "tell" him which one it was. Perhaps he read body language to find out. Maybe he is lying. An X-Files explanation could be he has remote vision or can read minds.....
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