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  1. couldn't "god's work" also be interpreted as "natural" forces at work? Why can't I see god? If he is real, why is he hiding from me?
  2. like root's post earlier. Its all about character attacks, false notions and propaganda. ecoli is the exception. I can tell he is simply not going to creationist sites and copy/pasting the crap that they write there.
  3. I can observe and prove evolution at work, naturally. I don't see any god doing it.
  4. I am late fo rthis one, I know, but the whole 10 or 15% things is hogwash. Just like the nails and hair growing after death thing. They are both used in movies and other fiction to make things mysterious or something, then people get to believing it. I don't need to read anything to know this. The human brain is very expensive, energy-wise to run properly. We may have the food energy all around us now, but when we evolved we didn't. If 90% of it was worthless, then what would be with point of having it there?
  5. Thats not my job. People who simply murder and aren't insane and brutal are not "monsters". There are very rarely (I hope) some bad people put there. I think they should either get like 5 life terms or perhaps executed.
  6. I agree with swansont here. I love how some people think of creation as a "alternative explanation" When something is fact and explains occurances naturally, there is no alternative to it. But still some creationist claim their religious texts are seperate answers to evolution. There is no multiple choice here. What you see is what you see. Sorry.
  7. makes me sick. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised. This is corporate America we're talking here. Disney can go s**t in their hat for all I care.
  8. Me too. I love animals a lot, but I realize that where I live, in the Adirondack park, that settlers a long time ago killed of almost all the wolves and mountain lions. There would be a serious problem with deer overpopulation if all those rednecks dressed in orange didn't kill some of them every year. I used to turkey hunt when I was younger. To tell the truth, I never got one, but I did enjoy the fact that I was hunting to kill and eat one, not to stuff it as a trophy.
  9. You are right, no one should, it just gives them more power. But I do. I can't help it. I have to read their b.s. and used to hear all the bible-quoting and twisted scientific fact whenever someone says the word "evolution". I have to hear about how Hitler was an evolutionist and that makes it wrong somehow. I have to look at Kent Hovind's holier-than-thou face and read how he thinks evolution is just a religion. It makes me so angry to see people being so dogmatic and stubborn about something.
  10. I agree with you, it has nothing to do with it. But people still believe it does. Maybe thi should be another challenge?
  11. I can't help but agree with Bettina here. I am very liberal, but I don't oppose capital punishment at all. Don't feel bad because you wouldn't mind knowing that some human monster is being killed.
  12. Not really. The job pretty much sucks. My mother is a nurse, so I know what they have to do. Emptying bedpans full of human feces gets real old. I know this is off topic, but I just wanted to state my opinion.
  13. while I agree with ramin to a point, I don't think genetics are meaningless. Your environment does addect you to some degree, but so do genetics. For example, clinical depression (as opposed to "the blues") is inherited, but can onset by environmental factors as well. Having the gene for it makes you more predisposed to it.
  14. I agree, but most, if not all creationists fell that it does. Creationism is just the organizes religious response to what they think threatens their beliefs so much.
  15. oops. yes I should have known this. He is the one who put evolution on the map so to speak.
  16. sorry, your link didn't work. I don't believe this happened either, but I would welcome anyone who wants to try and prove me (and Demosthenes) wrong.
  17. I love to fish, and I love looking for things and collecting things as well. I don't really hunt anymore, but it is really fun and exhilarating. It is a great evolutionary advantage to "like" doing these things. The same activities are involved in finding food. The most "primitive" societies of humans like African Bushmen still hunt and gather for their food. Just becasue we are domesticated doesn't mean we lose all our instincts. Look at dogs and cats. We feed them every day, and they don't have to, yet they still like to chase and hunt small animals and eat them.
  18. OKay I am sure at least some people on this site has ever heard the story creationists lke to parrot about Darwin's deathbed recanting? Apparently as Darwin was on his deathbed, he asked for a bible and apologized to god for comeing up with the theory of evolution or something along those lines. This really annoys me as even if this did happen, what does it change? So this is supposed to make all the observations concerning evolution null? I have a challenge for anyone who wants it. Find me a reliable, attributed source (i.e. "proof") that this took place. Any discussion about this topic or any related topics are welcome. -Hellbender
  19. Lol!!! makes you wonder if some would take you up on the offer. After all, "faith is a virtue". Riiiight. Its a great virtue to believe in and potentially devote your life to something for which you have absolutely no solid proof for. Its a great virtue to follow something unquestioningly and (for some of our friends in the south) let it run your life. I wouldn't go so far as to say creationists are mentally ill, unless religious fanticism or severe stubborness are mental illnesses. Ummm okay yeah they are.
  20. I think of them as merely people who reject facts and observations that don't agree with their religious beliefs. Rejecting evolution is as stubborn as not accepting that I am typing this becasue it makes me uncomfortable or I just don't want to believe it.
  21. It ate psittacosaurs? Big deal. Psittacosaurs are the ankle-biters of the dinosaur world. I thought it was going to be about bear sized mammals that ate hadrosaurs. Why are creationists all over this thing? Ooops I have to remember "because they are creationists."
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