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  1. So youre saying the Cube doesn't contain a line, an area and a Volume, some could say "No" is very vague
  2. It's said "a linear quantity cannot be added to an area to a volume.", does the Cube contain all three? Is the Cube not a sum of all 3 values, they all exist within it?
  3. Would you please expand on your reply?
  4. The conversation with the OP I mentioned above continued, another quote he made was "All that exists is part of God", to which I replied "where did the All originate from?" If there was as I mentioned earlier no Atoms, Particles, Electromagnetic Fields, Absolute Zero K, Zero Energy, what would remain - Dimensions and Potential?, if there was a Capacity or say a Volume, and say that Volume was shaped as a Cube of 1m side length, it's Volume would be 1mx1mx1m = 1m³, but what else is present? When you look at the Cube it contains a point to point line, a square and a Cube, could this be written 1m¹+1m²+1m³, would this equal 3m⁶ equalling 729m?
  5. Good evening swansont, I hope you're well, coming for a chat?

  6. I was recently scrolling down a group's posts who's page name was Intelligent Design, one member of the group had posted telling "Atheists: Life Created itself from Nothing", to which I replied "Do others believe it is impossible for nothing to exist?". The OP replied "I agree, there is no "nothing". I suppose the word Nothing could be highly debatable in itself, but let's presume Nothing means No Energy, Absolute Zero, absence of Atoms, Particles or Electromagnetic Fields, what remains? I read quite a while ago of the Chaldean account of creation in the Chaldean Chronicles, of how the Invisible Spirit at some "time" became aware/sentient, but where was the Invisible Spirit before it became aware/Sentient? The OP quoted at me the following when I told him I was endeavouring to find out what happened at the very beginning when "nothing" became "something"; "That beginning is already there As Vedas say "that which exists can never cease to exist. That which does not exist can never begin to exist " You have been miseducated" I agree there has to be "something" and it is impossible for "something" never to have existed, but, I also believe "nothing" has existed. Something came from Nothing, but how?
  7. Do you know of any Deluges around 50,000 years ago Sensei?
  8. Care to clarify for the ordinary Folk please Dim.
  9. Correlation means a connection between two things or more, what "Causation" are you referring to Dim? If you're referring to the Earlier Flood Legend of Ziusudra not being the cause of the Biblical Noah's Story I'd agree it probably wasn't, could well be these accounts are retelling more than one event.
  10. Why not read other Ancient Texts to see if there are any correlations with the Bible, many exist, Hindu Texts, Tamil, Akkadian, Sumerian, Egyptian etc, I like the Egyptian Texts which have some beautiful parables in them on Morality such as the tale of The God Hapi and Senmu the Fisherman, in other texts you have the Sumerian and Akkadian versions of the Deluge, in the Sumerian version Ziusudra was the Boat-Builder, the Aztec legends tell of a Flood, they said they had lived on a Large Island in a Big Lake and searched for two hundred years to find their new home, their "New Home" was given to their King in a Vision, in this Dream He saw an Eagle, Perched on a Cactus with a Snake in it's Talon, they had arrived in Mexico - Exists The Pure Land. A lot of good reading and you'll get there.
  11. Why follow the yellow brick road, I thought the Wizard of Oz'iris' tomb had already been found?
  12. I've seen those Hobbit Houses on Angelsey, four foot high doorways. He also knew of those tunnels from Turkey to Scotland...
  13. If he could see this, JRR would be restless in his grave.
  14. The Last option looks most likely, the Dems are seriously lacking in the Charisma Department, bringing in the likes of AOC(who was clearly not ready) doesn't have seemed to have helped them in that department with the Gaffes She's made(like I said, She wasn't ready). Biden has crashed, O'rourke isn't that liked so who do they have left, they need Divine Intervention that's for sure, but somehow I don't think they'll receive that.
  15. Good question Paul, answer is that many look at Thoth/Hermes and have done for millennia, He's had many names in different areas - Thoth, Tioti, Tahuti, Tuti etc etc, ages ago I was reading online and saw a mention of an Uto-Aztecan word "Tuti", which the author had said meant "Sandals", I looked into Thoth myself and refer to Him as Tioti, the way I'd translate Ti-O-Ti would be from Sumerian Cuneiform(Which was found at Armana), from this Ti-O-Ti would mean Life-Ring-Life(Ti-Me = Life-Exists), once I'd realised this it reminded I of the brilliant physicist Richard Feynman, in particular His and Wheeler's Time-Symmetric Theory where Time(at the beginning) began to propagate in two opposite directions simultaneously from the same Centre. Ti-Me meaning Life-Exists in regards to Ti-O-Ti, the 'Ti' in Tioti can mean time, because without an Observer ie A Life how can Time exist?
  16. My imagination works Moontanman, I read constantly, mostly history and science, I saw that 13,000 years in a Eureka moment and applied it, I knew the thought had come to I for a reason, after I'd worked out the 78,000 years I thought "does this fit in any where else" and I remembered the prophecy I'd read a couple of years ago, so I simply calculated the 1000 years by 365 and 13,000 - to be honest I was a little taken aback when I ran the figures on my calculator. I realised the following day that there was a more important fact hidden in this so I said a little prayer to the Prime Creator, not long after I knew to calculate our verses length into metres and divide this value by the 78,000 years. Maybe having this benchmark shall help physicists to test for Spooky Action's Speed, Ti-Me(Life-Exists) shall tell.
  17. Are you a mind reader - if not I don't see how can link you to my brain Mountainmama.... Oh country roads take me home to the......
  18. Lol, who do I link you to Moontannman, we'll have to wait for the Chinese to dream up the methodology to test for 432^2C, I can't see western Scientists figuring this out - too arrogant and too little imagination. You don't half droll on.
  19. It's not made up nonsense at all Strange, but, I'll admit I haven't been totally straight as regards spooky action speed, you see I used the terrible Metric System to show 187,820, the Creator of this Multiverse likes wholesome numbers, the true value is 432^2, that's 186,624(wink).
  20. Do you know this team Strange, maybe you could link them to this thread as they're quite a bit out - 18 fold(smiles); "Now, thanks to these Chinese physicists — the same ones who broke the quantum teleportation distance record last year — we know that spooky action at a distance has a lower bound of four orders of magnitude faster than light, or around 3 trillion meters per second. We say “at least,” because the physicists do not rule out that spooky action is actually instantaneous — but their testing equipment and methodology simply doesn’t allow them to get any more accurate." They have the value at around 10,,000C - Amateurs(smiles again).
  21. Ch ~ Ci ~ Si, Si-Ri-St ~ Issue-Place-Sin Sin Ptah ~ St Peter ~ Sin Oanes ~ St John ~ The Reaper is coming for you soon, I hear they're stoking up the fires in the 5th Heaven and your one of the 'Guy Fawlkes', I might come and watch (grin), don't worry, Strange can hold your hand.
  22. Well, I was going to explain the Loaves and Fish feeding the 5,000 but, you just bored me so much that I can't be 'arsed' any longer, Physics Lesson is over for today, nighty night kiddies.
  23. Strange, how the Siva are you, good I hope! "Probably instantaneous" doesn't cut it in Science - You should know this - I do have a 'polished' figure for this propagation speed down to 15 decimal places(Android Calculator) which is 187,820C which is probably as Instantaneous as is needed for it's functioning.
  24. Didn't your folks explain sticks and stones to you when you were little, and Cry Baby is such a terrible thing to say to somebody, my autotext must have remembered Koti from our last discussion - Oh My God
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