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  1. Georges Lemaître Used newtons and Einstein theories to hypothesise that everything came from a single source
  2. I’m asking questions for a project And some of the stuff you said has been helpful
  3. Maybe it’s because theres different types of gravity
  4. Why does heavier gravitational force only exist around stars planets an asteroid
  5. But isn’t gravity basically a magnetic field Would the same principle apply
  6. What about if you used a resonating frequency tuned to the opposite wavelength of the naturally occurring gravity field
  7. That suns and black holes are worm holes Think of a explosion at a atomic level.it’s just a series of mini explosions.why would the Big Bang be any different
  8. Exactly what I was getting at
  9. A black hole Energy can’t be destroyed Works both ways
  10. I do know that the Big Bang Happened practically everywhere but some ppl recently theorised that all matter came from one source
  11. Has anyone either tried to trace the point in space we’re all matter I.e planets asteroids etc came from.because I’m sure with are technology we could re trace the trajectory of all matter in space and find out the location the so called Big Bang happened.
  12. Because sound waves have anti gravity properties is it possible to vibrate a object at a frequency to give it anti gravity properties
  13. My point of this is why is there no serious study of this and if u read or listened to either of them u would understand And how he still can be considered to be part of a multi god religion when everything in his teachings shows other wise
  14. Iv been reading Thoth and Enoch a lot and what I have noticed is that his creation story sounds like the basis to most religions and I know ppl say Egypt’s gods are Thoths religious views but it all seems like his teachings were corrupted by Egypt priests bcuz egypt was ‘We’re more of a 1 god view’not the many gods of Egypt. It seems like that his students were revered as gods and took advantage of this to rule and the idea of all Egypt gods were born out of this corruption
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