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  1. I do know that the Big Bang Happened practically everywhere but some ppl recently theorised that all matter came from one source
  2. Has anyone either tried to trace the point in space we’re all matter I.e planets asteroids etc came from.because I’m sure with are technology we could re trace the trajectory of all matter in space and find out the location the so called Big Bang happened.
  3. Because sound waves have anti gravity properties is it possible to vibrate a object at a frequency to give it anti gravity properties
  4. My point of this is why is there no serious study of this and if u read or listened to either of them u would understand And how he still can be considered to be part of a multi god religion when everything in his teachings shows other wise
  5. Iv been reading Thoth and Enoch a lot and what I have noticed is that his creation story sounds like the basis to most religions and I know ppl say Egypt’s gods are Thoths religious views but it all seems like his teachings were corrupted by Egypt priests bcuz egypt was ‘We’re more of a 1 god view’not the many gods of Egypt. It seems like that his students were revered as gods and took advantage of this to rule and the idea of all Egypt gods were born out of this corruption
  6. Ghidion hit the nail on the head by that he realized what I ment The reason I don’t think it would be a white hole is that light is lost while entering black holes but maybe upon the moment of ejection it is subject to gravity and the light balls up innto a star
  7. Sensie the only reason I can see are population decline bcuz of pollution and a decline in farm land
  8. We’re more of a 1 god view not the many gods of Egypt. It seems like that his students were revered as gods and took advantage of this to rule and the idea of all Egypt gods were born out of this corruption
  9. I mean that people spend more time trying to prove people wrong, that’s why we don’t get anywhere, I totally 1million percent agree with u in all aspects of life the good we do is hardly ever acknowledged,
  10. And this is why we don’t get in anywhere because we spend most of our time trying to prove other ppl wrong than focusing on the global problems. Lmao Charon Y has us going back and forth helped anyone apart from increase ur hart rate.have u even looked at my link. I looked at strangers . as ppl we best learn from mistakes.im a person who is happy when proven wrong because then I at least have the right answer If someone disagrees with my comments please tell me why and I’m the words of someone else please give me proof at least a link
  11. No I don’t no I don’t think everyone is wrong and I do believe in the uN wanting to do good but it seems like u have a issue with me question someone else’s stats when instead of just accepting, please have a look at this link it’s birth and death rates, and regardless of my stats and there’s come up with ur own https://www.ecology.com/birth-death-rates/
  12. I do make all those observations but the global standard of living has improved so why would our population decline instead of increase that’s what I find suspicious,
  13. Well iv looked at your own link on the global statistics to see we only grew by a few billion from 2000 to now.
  14. Well there’s the current state of agriculture, and farming over the past 10-15 years we have been harvesting a lot more often than we should, that’s why food quality has fell, and our sell by dates have gone longer because things r sitting on the shelves in stores for a shorter period of time than they used to. If the UN wanted they could flood the news with a lot of issues that have been addressed on this forum.
  15. 20billion might be high but regardless, the point being not enough resources for the global population. But I’m suprised u haven’t found it suspicious that we grew near enough 2 billion in the matter of ten years, but yet the UN show that from 2050 to 2100 we only grow 1.4billion does that make any sense to u? Or do they know something we don’t know.
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