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  1. Hardest word for you to spell

    Diarrhoea (I had to copy and paste that from t'Internet) is about the only one that causes a problem for me. Luckily, I don't have to write it very often.
  2. Virtual Particle Pair Production Methodology

    The four dimensions in this context are the three spatial dimensions plus time. The Lorentz transform is a rotation in space-time.
  3. Standard TV coax plug and socket woes

    I just ran into this problem. I moved to a new house and took a collection of useful looking cables with me. This included 3 male-to-male TV antenna cables and one male-to-female (might be useful as an extension, I thought ). I am almost certain that in the previous house both the wall socket and the TV socket were female so I needed the male-to-male cables. In the new house, the only one that was useful was the "extension"cable. Now I want to go back to the old hose and see what the sockets really were...
  4. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    While that is good advice to avoid being attacked in a dark alley at night when the bars are chucking drunks out, it doesn't address the bigger issue, the one that started the thread.
  5. Virtual Particle Pair Production Methodology

    If I cancels out the field, why would it produce virtual particles? (Virtual particles mediate the electromagnetic forces.) Citation needed.
  6. How gravity works

    As you can't travel faster than light, there is no answer.
  7. Quantum Entanglement ?

    The subject is entanglement. Not the transmission and effects of electromagnetic radiation.
  8. Alternative to straight universe expansion (Question)

    That is due to the initial conditions of the universe - hot, dense and expanding (and therefore cooling). Why was the universe in that initial state? No one knows. The description of space-time in GR shows that space-time containing a (roughly) homogeneous distribution of mass must either expand or contract - it isn't stable. The initial conditions caused to to expand. It used to be thought that gravity would slow it down and lead to it contracting, but the (unexplained) acceleration makes that look unlikely. Oooh. Careful. That doesn't mean that each type of force must have an opposite, but that the forces on a body must be equal and opposite. So, for example, gravity is a force pushing you down into your chair while the (electromagnetic) forces in the material of the chair push back the same amount (and, therefore, you don't move).
  9. Alternative to straight universe expansion (Question)

    That is basically correct. But the only reason that the light hasn't reached us from beyond the observable horizon is ... because of expansion! Various other explanations have been tried. And some work - as standalone explanations that don't have to fit with any of the other evidence. So when Lemaitre and then Hubble published the red-shift data, it was consistent with the idea of expansion but, by itself, it wasn't convincing. Photons do cause curvature of space-time. Every source of energy does. But first you would need to quantify how large an effect this is and if it is enough to account for any observed effects. (I am fairly sure I have seen some calculations along the lines - and for neutrinos - but I don't think I could find them right away). Also, not that dark energy is not required to explain expansion, but only to explain the accelerating expansion. And that requires an increasing amount of energy - and I would guess that the number of photons flying around is fairly constant. And they are, on average, decreasing in energy because ... expansion! (Expansion is kind of a given, and is determined by the initial conditions of the universe.) I have seen estimates of this. I think (I may be wrong) that the majority are in the CMB. (Which is also the most compelling evidence for ... expansion!) I think it is a reasonable idea to investigate (and I bet it has been) although I suspect the numbers would show it doesn't work. (If I have time later, I'll see if I can dig something up.)
  10. Apple rejects order to unlock gunman's phone

    Or not.
  11. I haven't been keeping up with progress in discovering exoplanets so was surprised (amazed) by this graph summarising the number and range of sizes found so far, mainly by Kepler. From this article (which is mainly about why Kepler is not going to find much more):
  12. Exoplanet discoveries

    This is obviously some strange usage of the word 'unique' that I wasn't previously aware of. (To paraphrase Arthur Dent.)
  13. 3 events that happened only once in history

    There are other possibilities. Both may have occurred more than once, but only descendants of one instance survives. In the case of the structure of flowers, other possibilities exist. It could be due to flowers evolving multiple times but from a similar underlying structure. Or it could be due to convergent evolution. (I don't know much about the evolution of flowers, but it does seem that all extant flowering plants have a common ancestor. But even that doesn't mean that flowers only evolved once.)
  14. Gravitational waves measure the universe

    No. " the detection of gravitational waves from a merging pair of binary neutron stars" You should really start a new thread for new topics, rather than hijacking others (including your own). The "burbs" originate from matter falling into the black hole, in other words the accretion disk. Remember, nothing can come out of the event horizon. That s why it is called an event horizon.
  15. Time and speed and how speed impacts time

    Yes. You can divide by a very, very, very small number but you can't divide by zero. No. Anything that travels at the speed of light will be invariant (other wise it wouldn't travel at the speed of light in some frames).
  16. Quantum Entanglement ?

    No information is transferred.
  17. Quantum Entanglement ?

    Yes. It is a common popularisation but not strictly accurate.
  18. Time and speed and how speed impacts time

    No. Just that you can't apply the equations for time dilation etc. to a photon. It is not a valid frame of reference. The mathematics does not work when you try and apply it to a photon. The Lorentz transform only works for things moving at less than the speed of light (i.e. things).
  19. Quantum Entanglement ?

    By chance, Janus has just answered this in another thread. I can't do better than quote him:
  20. How gravity works

    I am not aware that anyone has proposed space-time as the medium for light. Ever since Maxwell's work it has been clear that the medium is the electromagnetic field. Science doesn't prove theories. Yep, this is not the best place to publish a new theory. But people could help you refine your ideas if you were willing to answer some questions and engage in a constructive discussion.
  21. How gravity works

    The M-M experiment was about the medium that carries light (there isn't one) not space-time or gravity. Then you need a mathematical model that makes testable predictions if you want this to be taken seriously. So what is your experiment and what is your predicted result? Not that this prediction needs to be quantified (i.e. a numerical value or range) in order to be testable.
  22. How gravity works

    Well I have heard of Michelson-Morley. Nothing to do with gravity, though. So perhaps you could explain.
  23. How gravity works

    There is no proof in science. And the Michelson-Morley experiment has nothing to do with gravity or GR.
  24. How gravity works

    What does that have to do with gravity? Apart from the fact that science doesn't prove things, on what basis should we accept new ideas? Just because they sound good? Or should we look for evidence to confirm them? Personally, I think that looking for evidence is a much better way to make progress. So all I am asking is that you provide some support for your idea. Otherwise why should anyone take it seriously? After all, if people should accept your idea just because you say so, then they also have accept all the other wacky personal theories that people come up with, "because they say so". That is why we rely on evidence to choose between theories.
  25. Is the past infinite?

    Just saying it is BS is not a very productive argument. Perhaps you could provide some more (ideally mathematical) detail to support that view? As far as I know that has nothing to do with the zero energy universe. Perhaps you explain why you mention it? There are all sorts of possibilities. For example: I though you said that was impossible?