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  1. i know this was stupid, thanks for mentioning tho i did say it wasn't true nothingness
  2. i can answer your question, nothingness is not impossible, take for example vacuum, it is a part of nothingness, it has no color, it pulls and sends away matter, it is not black, the blackness in the universe is only because of our eyes, our eyes and brain cannot perceive nothingness, our eyes are not designed to detect it, we have no sense of it, a blind person only knows black, not true nothingness, if our mind could perceive nothingness, it would not exist, again, nothingness sorry if this is stupid or too... you know.. impossible
  3. ok i think i may have phrased it wrong but can anyone tell me or ague about what is the chem reaction that releases the most pressure?
  4. hey, yeah thanks, i was hoping to get a proper explanation and some one explaining it to me that this is not possible, i had this stuck in my mind for a few YEARS and i had to release it somewhere, so Thanks again and have a good day and now i feel the ultimate relief, it feels like a 200 kg weight has been lifted of my chest
  5. Hey everyone its AgentF2S So, I decided to try and make a Pokémon using genetic engineering (in my mind ofc) u can suggest and and make ur own too! Mine is Pikachu and I decided I will use multiple DNAs So my starting point will be a bunny embrio, I will inject it with golden bat's yellow fur dna somehow get it red cheecks the Idea for the electricity is it will have mini electrostatic charge generators.... Hundreds of them on each cheeck, so that will be using multiple mini muscles to make furry hundreds of fuzzy balls to rub together, but I have to figure out a way to make pikachu's body an insulator... Idk how, I'm open to suggestions Nothing else is needed except its tail and the iron tail attack, the iron tail could be from strong bones, which can only be done through evolution(the real one), but the electrical design is impossible But if we succeed in making Pokémon, then we will still not make them fight, bcuz they are alive creatures like us So thanks for reading and, AgentF2S out
  6. I have got a theory, I kno I kno roast me in the comments for being stupid and low iq but, my weirdo science theory may inspire more theories that actually make sense So, my theory is that if a laser is repeated at the same place over and over in less than a thousandth of a second (I will explain later) then it might tear the fabric of the universe My idea is to arrange 4 mirrors in a way that light will go in a square pattern, there will be one 2 sided mirror with dark on one side and regular light on the other, so I will open one laser light from the see thru side of the mirror and keep it open until I place another mirror, not see through, over the see though one and then it might go very fast over and over and theoretically slice the fabric of da universe Btw I already know I'm stupid and have -100 iq I know everything in this theory is wrong and I'm stupid, but this might entertain someone and make people laugh, or it could be correct and inspire theories with precise calculations Idk time will tell
  7. Hey, can I have more clarification? I have low iq, I just had an idea and no evidence to prove that this is actually possible A more clear sentence would be much appreciated thanks for helping now I know, I'm 12 btw so I don't think things through very much
  8. We could develop technology where tech could decipher our mind and show different things in it, that could be used to communicate telepathically Sorry if it sounds stupid, I have been known to have under 80 iq
  9. Hey... So I came up with 2 ideas, no one listens to me in the real world (specifically parents) I decided to go here, so my first idea is about babies in space, I'm talking in a way that makes this topic suitable for all ages So.. I was thinking of babies born on the moon, spaceships will be discussed later Ok idk how the babies get in the mom's tummy but I'm sure that is not gonna be a problem. My machine mostly focuses on the growth and power of the baby while it is in the mom's tummy and I want to make a spinning machine that mimics earth's gravity My idea is about how we can visit it to meet the moms in it, it will have nurses and lady doctors in it and the speed of it will be lowered by 0.5 percent every year so humans can evolve to be able to reproduce in low gravity conditions with more better strength in the baby that is born Time to talk about how we visit it and enter and exit My design is basically in my mind so i am sorry I can't see it there Will be a large tower 5m high as the start there will be another small cart under that place which will be still in the start but when someone operates it, it will slowly move until at the speed of the baby chamber (that is what I call it) and when some one will be in it it will start tilting in a way that makes it seem nothing is happenning and then the cart will try to lose speed, enough that it's alligned with the baby chamber, then both will connect on a specific lock then the doors will open and that ladies and gentlemen is my idea Ok about the space ships, there will at least be 2 lady doctors on a spaceship and u would only want more people there if you are going on a journey that takes more than a 100 years, so the same designs would be there.... Except it needs to be going without disturbing the spaceship's movement so I will do 2 of them with 2 visiting carts, they will be placed on 2 different sides in a way that both produce the same amount of movement energy to do that I would have to place them in a symmetrical way either in an X axis or Y axis That is it for the first idea the second idea, I'm not sure where to post it I call it "project ulvanavia" yea, I even named it that is how serious I am about this, but I am not sure anyone, anyone at all would appreciate it, so my idea it that the whole world should not be devided in groups and countries, it should be just one gigantic planet of people from only one country : ulvinavia So my idea is the every one stop fighting and just join eachother and call themselves ulvinavians from a place called ulvinavia There will be same laws in every place there will be no divisions and only peace and increasing our reach to different planets and most specifically the moon And I'm also sure there will be a buttload of cities And sincerely, AgentF2S.. out
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