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  1. Recently, a local politician here in Tenerife has been under investigation for fraud and tax evasion. (What? How incredible. A Local Politician?) During the investigation it was revealed that he had managed to win a lottery 10 (?) years in a row. How lucky is that? The court ruled that because this was theoretically possible, they could not charge him with anything related to it because they had no proof that he did not win, despite the odds being astronomically high against this run of luck. (What was happening was money laundering - these lottery wins are tax-free, so if you know somebody with a winning ticket, you buy it from him with cash you want to get rid of, paying him more than the value of his win. Then you cash in your traceable and legal lottery winnings. The sheer audacity to claim that it happened 10 years in a row is the key here.)
  2. Give a man a fish and he eats on that day. Give him religion, and he will starve to death praying for a fish. (sorry, OT)
  3. This has always been my attitude towards charities which provide a service which is essential - supporting them undermines the political will to have the state pay for a service. Having said that, there are one or two charities which I have supported (such as the NSPCC) simply because of their heart-rending advertising. We have an interesting (and distressing) issue here in Tenerife with unwanted dogs. I don't like stating general racial characteristics, but the local people here have very little concept of treating animals well. There are plenty of hunting dogs, and when they get too old to be useful, the owners simply dump them to starve or die of thirst. Added to this is the despicable habit of people leaving the island simply to leave their pets behind on the street. This is not confined to the local inhabitants either. How can people do that? Anyway, if there is one thing the local English ex-pats are know for, (apart from serious tattoos and dodgy London East End connections) it is their keenness on animal welfare charities, and they run animal shelters of all kinds for the vast numbers of stray dogs. In a way, that is fine, but there are problems. The first is that they are almost all run by fanatics who will not contemplate putting an animal down, so that they finish up with hundreds of dogs living in seriously miserable conditions. The second is that provision for stray animals is a local authority responsibility, and they save money wherever they can. They see some foreign charity doing their work, and they have no incentive to support it financially. I will not support these dog shelters because I am sure that they are undermining the Local Authority who should be dealing with it. My refusal has often lead to very aggressive responses from rather large and very nasty people who obviously love dogs and hate people, and who just don't understand the political issues involved in what they are doing.
  4. A friend bought about €16,000 of bitcoin/dash and within a year the value had risen to about €80,000 and still rising. It is based purely on the willingness of people to buy, but represents absolutely nothing. From my naïve outsider point of view, it looks like a giant Ponzi scheme, even when they claim that the total number of coins is limited.
  5. The price of gold might be weird, but at least it is a commodity with an immense practical value. The "value" of bitcoins and dash and other internet currency is even more bizarre, and I just don't understand how it operates. It is based on nothing at all other than the price somebody is prepared to pay for it. But it represents nothing. Why has the value rocketed over the past year? Perhaps it deserves its own thread.
  6. The spacebar could do with a good clean as well.
  7. There must be points awarded on the crackpot index for somebody who claims to disprove a theory, and can't even spell the word.
  8. But not, unfortunately, with English use of uppercase letters.
  9. I disagree
  10. Yes
  11. I can't begin to understand. There are circumstances in which I can understand somebody deciding it is better to end it all, but I would have thought that a young family and the responsibilities it involves would be the greatest incentive ever to stay alive and be useful to people who obviously need you.
  12. I play backgammon regularly on-line, and I experience all kinds of weird improbable sequences of throws of (allegedly random) dice. Things are sometimes so annoying that you can't really believe that they are not somehow stacked. Recently I was far ahead in one game and the opponent threw three double sixes in a row to win by one pip. That's a probability of one in 46,656. But having played over 10,000 games in the last two years, I know that that kind of event is not so strange as you might think, because of you play enough games, very unlikely throw sequences do happen. One has also to take observation bias into account, because the weird throws are very noticeable and so the tendency is to think they happen more often than they do.
  13. That size comparison is a bit unfair, considering that 70% of Australia is semi-arid or desert. (Or were you taking that into account?)
  14. What on Earth do you mean by "best"? Best for what? Size of prison population? Number of people shot per day? Percentage of population who believe in creationism? Knowledge of world geography? Standard of literacy? Quality of TV? Size of pornography industry? What are your criteria?
  15. Yes, I agree that I was making a generalisation which is clearly not valid all the time. The statement was meant in a statistical sense that an Aspie is more likely to be comfortable with another one than with a neurotypical partner, and it is definitely correct in my case.