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  1. No full screen image

    Thank you, it helped. But how exactly?
  2. No full screen image

    Doesn't produce any effect. Maybe this is settings of monitor, not software?
  3. No full screen image

    This is a desktop. I don't know what was the reason for the problem. Possibly updates have no relation here.
  4. No full screen image

    I tried. The produced effect is insignificant and definitely there is some other reason for the problem.
  5. No full screen image

    I run Win 10 and recently, it seems, it did some updates, automatically. Now I have no full screen image, but instead a smaller image to the center of screen. What I need to do to return to the full screen image?
  6. Need programmers to save my mobile phone

    But FBI claimed they've succeeded to crack an Apple smartphone with help of Israeli-based company. So, it means private companies are capable to avoid the need to rely on manufacturer? An undesirable activity in form of annoying visual and sound messages.
  7. It seems there is a unique mobile phone that already became part of my personality, somehow. I need help of programmers either for payment or volunteers to clean it from viruses and save it from hackers. Some firewall would be helpful too. I athorise any qualified person to act in my best needs. Also, it would be interesting to know if there any free virtual reality modulators which can be installed on mobile phones.
  8. Which flavour of Linux is most commonly used by server administrators at least in US?
  9. A truly unbreakable encription?

    Which type of firewalls a politicians or a businessmen use on their mobile phones to protect important data? What is stronger at the present moment - incription or dicription? Is any firewall or incription can be breaken by someone in the world? Also, let imagine a situation that hackers can know any character that person sees on the screen or types on a keyboard. Then they will know any password an owner enters or a password key he creates. Is there a way to generate a trully random password that even knowing anything is entered into computer gives ability to hackers break increaption?
  10. Is Unix still more secure and reliable than Linux? What about speed anf functionality?
  11. Which advantages does Unix have over Linux that it is still used by systems administrators? Will it become obsolete ultimately? Which OS have potential as a server OS with exception of Windows and Linux? What about Mac OS or Android? Is Novell's Netware practically obsolete?
  12. Can you provide any link to a serious scientific assumptions of that kind? It seems for now they prefer to talk about "misterious source of energy".
  13. How would you explaine evidence of geological activity on Pluto? It can't be explained by tides, can it be explained by radioactivity?
  14. Is it possible to fill human lungs with some liquid and viscouse substance which would allow only oxigen pass through it (easily), not any other atoms or molecules? I've read such experoments been conducted on mice who were capable to breath underwater with lungs filled with perfluorocarbone liquid. But what I'm looking for is to breath fresh air, not underwater.