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  1. I suppose this whole idea of observed waving speeds for both astronauts is dependent upon the size of the BH in question due to the smaller gravitational gradients apparent with ever larger BHs...but if the falling observer of his reflection gets the light waves redshifted going out and bliue shifted going in, wouldn't he see his reflection waving in sync with his own hand waving locally, independent of size, while his friend's observed decay rate of wave freq. of him is BH size dependent?
  2. so, how does the relative wave rates appear to the two astronauts even if that analogy is erroneous...?...it would seem that the infalling astronaut's perceived reflection would travel twice the distance in the high gravity field, with his wave rate slowing twice what his friend sees, and that the infalling astronaut sees his reflection as if from a remote observer's virtual position twice the distance of the stationary friend... I order to clarify a point, what if the two astronauts agreed that they both will wave and at identical rates. Would the infalling astronaut see the same slowing of wave rate of his friend that his friend sees of him? IOW, does the appearance of time dilation work equally both directions?
  3. I would think that the rate of waving would be seen to be slower to the infalling observer's reflection, as the time slowing in a high gravity field upon the light beam as it travels twice, just as a fast traveller leaving the earth and coming back would be aged more slowly. The fact that the traveler comes back to the earth does not reverse the time slowing effect as he is leaving it....
  4. If two astronauts were near a large black hole, holding onto a mirror which was affixed so as to remain still, and one astronaut was to let go of the mirror and descend into the hole waving goodbye at a steady rate, would the falling astronaut see the identical wave slowing of his reflection in the mirror that his friend would see of him directly?
  5. I have a related question as to charge mobility of conductor vs. superconductor.... Is there any charge speed difference observed in the two materials?
  6. so spacetime warps, but not space? .
  7. if gravity expression is due to a warpage of space, what is doing the warping? In space is a sea of virtual particles, I conjecture that the geometric orbits of these annialations are affected by proximate energy/matter, thus extending the annialation process resulting in the observable effect of gravitation. This local change of annialation process expands out in a phononic-like manner at c with the inverse square law with tensor expression into the surrounding sea of VPs, thus inferring then stiff, yet deformable flux being the observable result of what we call space.
  8. I don't suppose it is mainstream to say that various forms of energy are particular fixed descriptions expressible within the mathematical bulk...
  9. I understand that in a normal conductor, the electron going in at one end of a wire will take a long time to get to the other end, and was wondering if the same thing applied to superconductors also, or do the cooper pairs pass more quickly or even at c ?...
  10. my thinking is that larger BHs have a smaller effective gravity felt at the approach of the EH due to the averaging effect on space shear, by it being closer to a flat surface than smaller ones....but that the gravity felt at the EH should be the same for all BHs or else the horizon wouldn't be where it was...strange, I don't understand your last remark about escape velocity of c not being why things can't get out...I thought that was a pretty settled issue...
  11. I saw a discussion of black holes of different sizes having differing gravity forces at the event horizons, but if the horizon is established by C, and C is constant, shouldn't the gravity at the surfaces be equal?
  12. I think that self awareness is an offshoot of generating and processing quantum abstractions of a given a specific stimulus. The stimulus could be considering a math problem, or looking in the mirror. The ability to "show all answers" generated by this stimulus and then go thru the process to pick a few conclusional outputs to place in memory, uses an individually distinct process of information processing each time, regardless of the stimulus. Our individual process pathway, or our particular "algorithmic data set" allows self awareness as it is essentially the same each time, thus we gain familiarity with how our brain works, and self-identify as "it", but really we only "with it" and somewhat vulnerable to "it's" quirks and charms. In a larger sense, our personalities are the way our brains "crunch the numbers", and also remain pretty much fixed throughout life, but are less rigid, as the overall personality is a more complete combination of all brain components, of which are in a perpetually competitive state, not only of behavioral contol aspects, but also of competition for basic nutrients, oxygen and waste removal. .
  13. wow, what can I say but that you may have left out a few steps there...question : does ( mean void ?. You wrote your thinking down in an interesting manner. I have my own floorplan of pre BB events. If you are indeed serious, please elaborate...and why are you sorry for the name?. One thing I noticed is that you equate intelligence with energy. Don't you mean information instead of intelligence? This way you don't violate conservation, as information describes energy, and is not energy itself, and so remains neutral.
  14. fpppt.KAPOW...you sunk his battleship doctor krettin....!.
  15. thank you strange....!....