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How to fix a Binkw32.dll and mss32.dll file issue?

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So I've been having problems playing Star Wars Empire At War on my Windows 10 Asus, and I'd like to ask how to fix a missing binkw32.dll and mss32.dll issue I've had with loading the game. Please give me support, it's the only game I could afford because I wanted my own apartment so me and my fiance could live together.

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How do you know that it's exactly missing binkw32.dll and mss32.dll ?

There was message from game itself.. ?

Or it was from Windows executable launcher which failed resolving statically linked functions.. ?

You should attach screen-shot.


Do you installed it and worked and suddenly stopped working?

or you installed it, and it never worked correctly?


If DLL fail to load, it can means that obviously file is missing (or missing in search path, but is somewhere else, not being able to be found there),

or that DllMain() initialization routine tried init itself, and failed. The second one is much more complicated to diagnose. You have proper DLL, in proper path, and it still fails to load.


You should get FileMon, now renamed, utility to monitor file I/O activity while trying to launch game.

(or find Win10 compatible utility)


After using it, you should know whether DLLs were found, and in which paths checked, and if they were found, which other resources they tried to load (but failed).


ps. The most of people would start from trying to install game 2nd time.. And try to install it on other machines (something older than Win10).

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Probably just need to download the files. A quick search for either will turn up guides that can walk you through it.

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