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Ghost lights...

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I just viewed a video on You tube about a ghost light, i wasn't impressed but it got me to thinking...


I have seen a ghost light, used to be one associated with a set of old railroad tracks near where I live. I saw it one night, it came to within 15 to 20 feet of me, it was a dull red glow, maybe as big as a baseball moving about head height between the rails, it was visible for a couple minutes as it traversed a hundred meters of tracks toward me and blinked out and when i turned to look it was behind me moving away. It followed the tracks and i figured it was some sort of electrical phenomena. Of course locals had a legend about a train conductor who lost his head or something but it was visible if not real...


Any idea what it could have been? The tracks were pulled up decades ago and no sightings since then but I have always wondered what it could have been...

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In the interest of fairness it should be said that of the five of us there that night only three of us could see the light and it was easier to see out of the corner of your eye then looking straight at it, it was so dimly red it was almost brown and it did not have well defined edges...

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That is kind of what I've always thought but I'm not sure plasma effects could exist in those circumstances, it did resemble some of the special effects I've seen in movies but it was so dim in comparison and those effects are not real but just effects. I'm not sure the real world acts that way... It certainly did seem to be associated with the rail road tracks and misty foggy weather... but the fog that night was minimal, just barely there and the night was very dark, no moon or clouds... many people reported seeing it but most reported never seeing it... it wasn't exactly reliable... The memory is 40 years old and not exactly clear now...

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