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What does your desktop look like??

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I did a powerpoint on why Linux is better then Windows. In it I had this screenshot:snapshot3.png(forgive me if thei mage isnt there. I'm doing some major work on my system.)


a)boot knoppix (after dloading latest 2.8?) to move around GLOBAL files...so everything is on

a partiton called files

b) fix gentoo...give it a root password and some users so I can log in!

c) install archlinux. Link /home to files

d) reinstall FC3, and link everything to /home

e) reinstall FreeBSD doing the same thing...

f) configure GRUB...

and probably some a bunch more that I'm just forgeting about :D


PS: dont harass my friends ;P

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Guest bkronbergs

This is what Tiger did to me, reduced me to playing for hours with damn widgets, I need to be doing coursework, NOT fiddling with some DAMN addictive thingys that just appear, and then disappear. Lots of people mention somehting similar for one or two Linux distros, if anyone has them, I wouldn't mind seeing a screenie or two!!! Thanks people.


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You could just copy the picture and edit out the icons and task bar, which is quite easy considering that it's a plain white background ;)

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Guest bkronbergs

That is quite a range of desktops, looking back really!! I have so many BORING pictures, does anyone have any really stunning backgrounds? All I have are a couple of pictures of Yosemite, and a few of Belgium, but no really breathtaking images. I want like plunging landscapes, and soaring peaks, LOL but I don't know where people get the pictures!!

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