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  1. so you mean that if theres an existing single rna it means that protein is defintely going to be synthesized? wow, such trash it is.
  2. sorury, my bad. what i meant was the probability is almost impossible.
  3. well there still lots of other flaws that invalidates the theory... most importantly the impossibility of amino acids to be synthesized into protein, which is needed to make dna.. however i've read in some boook that rna can be formed by itself??(sombeody correct me please if you know the theory...) but i dont see how rna can help synthesize protein or dna. chances are comparable to impossible for it to happen. well as i've said theres a new hteory that life began underwater... by some german scientist. i didnt really look much into it tho. but i think they're working on it.
  4. I've been reading through some articles on the web, about the urey-miller experiment.. i read that the model is currently being replaced by some other theory that life began underwater... (its all on the internet...) so, if urey-miller has been rejected as a valid theory for life origin, does it still have any importance at all?
  5. mcoy

    Levels of Hell

    so that test also means no one goes to heven directly?
  6. mcoy

    Levels of Hell

    level 8, am stil going to hell :S
  7. mcoy


    oh ok. thanks to Ophiolite for explaining it to me... what's the point of neopets anyway? and speaking of online games, does anybody here play any text-based online game? like KingsofChaos and Darkthrone online games are fun...until u are forced to reset ur account for some reason.
  8. mcoy


    ok...how do we create the restricted neopet? whats the secret way?
  9. mcoy


    is it just me or is vivian's post 0?
  10. can we ask AzurePhoenix to take a reliable kind of test in the net so everybody could be judged equally?
  11. mcoy


    does memory dump in windows some kind of bsod? http://bsod.org/
  12. I dunno....the last time i went off to test ma IQ was last year, using this site...High IQ Society and i got 142. but am not sure if its true...
  13. mcoy

    SFN The Musical

    well, i'l just follow LilSciWizGal's format: Name: Karl Codename: as seen on the left. Interest:Science, Computers, Chess.....PC/PS2 games, Movies, rugby...GIRLS!!! "Personally": reasonably good at science and maths. Gender: male Age: the composer can choose it...but right now am 17? Looks: Dark golden-brown eyes? long black hair (for a male), height is 5'7".... Role i want to play....: a warrior? a soldier? a swat maybe? (if there is some left and its not too late) thanks again mcoy® _+_
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