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  1. Hey all, I am trying to set up an ocean wave demonstration in a fish tank. Does anyone have any suggestion on how I could show various wave properties such as wave length, wave height, wave period, fetch etc in a tank that's about four feet long? I was thinking that there might be a way to use dyes or somesuch. Thanks!
  2. there are many dissolved ions in sea water that make up the salts in water; sodium, chlorine, potassium, calcium, etc. On average the ocean has a salinity of 35 ppt(parts per thousand) or 3.5% The salts mostly originate from the weathering and erosion of rocks from land and in the ocean itself. All of the major ions exist in a constant proportion so that no matter what the exact salinity, there will be the same ratio of ions. salt water is usually higher where there is high evaporation or at the poles where fresh water is removed but the salts remain in a higher concentration. It is usually lower near river mouths or areas of high precipitation.
  3. I read a review on a new antivirus software (can't remember the name) that directs all internet traffic on the computer into a virtual drive so that if any viruses are downloaded they stay in the virtual drive and can't spread to the rest of the computer. It's really cool because it doesn't need to check files against a periodically updated list and can stop viruses that aren't well known yet.
  4. that would be nice. I dont know if it would work though. thanks for the input
  5. Hey all, I finally decided to dual boot my self built computer. At first I tried Ubuntu, but the drives for ATI Radeon graphics cards are messed up and xorg wont start. before I'm forced to risk messing up the computer by trying to configure drivers , I was wondering if there are any distros that are as user friendly as ubuntu, yet with better drivers and such. Any opinions? Thanks
  6. Hey all, I was wondering if there is anyway to record internet radio broadcasts. thanks
  7. thanks capn, thats a big relief
  8. hello all, i just built a new computer (finally) and im having trouble finding what my temperatures should be. it runs from 30-37 during light application use, and about 45 during gaming. is this ok or should i try to lower it? thanks
  9. there are more people alive today than have ever died
  10. The case doesnt come with a PSU, im getting a Rosewill RP500-2 500W. (i think p160w is just the model name) This is the Mobo, im not sure if thats the deluxe.
  11. i already ordered part with the help of a friend Mobo- ASUS A8N-E Case- Antec Performance I P-160W Burner- BenQ 16X DVD�R DVD Burner With LightScribe Video card- SAPPHIRE 100106L Radeon X850XT CD/DVD- BenQ Black E-IDE/ATAPI DVD-ROM Drive CPU- AMD Athlon 64 3800+ Venice Harddrive- Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD2500KS 250GB the main problem im having is deciding on an OS i have a copy of XP pro, but i really want to put on Linux. But i have a lot of compatability concerns
  12. but not all programs are supported unfortunatly.
  13. hey, i was just thinking about operating systems. how well does ubuntu handle drivers. and also, does anyone know how good WINE is? thanks.
  14. i dont think i want open box and its too expensive new. what do you think of the Sahpphire with an artic cooling heatsink/fan (someone recomended it in the reviews.)
  15. I think i might want something a little more powerful. what would you guys recomend. im trying to keep it under $200 preferably under $100.
  16. hey guys, what do you guys think of this this video card? it looks good, but i cant find any reviews for it. the Conroe looks nice. probabl out of my budget though
  17. yeah' date=' sorry about that. anyway i found it . thanks!
  18. hello all, i was wondering if there is anyway that one could find all the pages that are under a domain name without having a navigation bar.
  19. hey all. I was just looking at newegg.com for a processor when I realised I had no clue what the hell I was looking for. I was wondering if anyone can help explain the different parts and the best way to find them. Thank you all.
  20. try this extention (if you have firefox) https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/115/
  21. i think im gonna build one. ive been wanting to for a while, and i finally have access to some money. thanks for the input!
  22. i have been wanting to build my own computer, however my knowledge is limited and im concerned about messing up and destroying the entire system. does anyone know any good detailed sites that teach about compatability and such? thanks
  23. hey all, i am (hopefully) buying a computer soon and i wanted to ask a few things. first of all, how good is compaq? secondly which company produces the best LCD monitors (considering price and such) thanks everyone!
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