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Using BOINC / seti@home?


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Only a begineer. Now credit exceeds 1000, still a far cry to reach the experts` level. Astropulse is a good app. You can earn more points in a short time than SETI@home original app. But both are always giving the wrong remaining time. The remaining time isn`t very accurate(it should be close to reality) but the percentage is more reliable.

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Hi everyone,


For the people, that want to help science move forward.


There is a platform for distributed computing.


It's called BOINC = http://boinc.berkeley.edu/


You can sign up there and calculate tasks when you're computer is idle and you can do this with you're;

Gpu, Cpu, mobile phone,....


This helps universities and other (sometimes underfunded) scientists around the world.


You can even get rewarded for it with Gridcoin.


Check it out everyone!



Team Gridcoin.

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Hi there, EdEarl


You should visit my teams forum, type in google = reddit + gridcoin


And just post you're questions there, they can surely help you.



Check out what we are all about = http://www.gridcoin.us/


Take care!

A search didn't find anything on reddit gridcoin about openSUSE. I've found links on the internet about the problem, and a workaround that is supposed to work. If all else fails I'll ask on reddit gridcoin. ty

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