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  1. Yes, you can just sign up on reddit / gridcoin without an email adresse. It's verry often the quickest way to get help.
  2. Hi there, EdEarl You should visit my teams forum, type in google = reddit + gridcoin And just post you're questions there, they can surely help you. Check out what we are all about = http://www.gridcoin.us/ Take care!
  3. Hi everyone, For the people, that want to help science move forward. There is a platform for distributed computing. It's called BOINC = http://boinc.berkeley.edu/ You can sign up there and calculate tasks when you're computer is idle and you can do this with you're; Gpu, Cpu, mobile phone,.... This helps universities and other (sometimes underfunded) scientists around the world. You can even get rewarded for it with Gridcoin. Check it out everyone! Altruist1 Team Gridcoin.
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