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is it illegal to wake someone up while they're sleeping?


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Firstly - very vague, so I have to ask... seriously? You can get a noise citation if you wake someone up in the neighborhood at 4am because of loud music, etc.


But in general - no, waking someone up is not specifically illegal, other conduct that results in waking someone up (harassment, noise ordinances, doing so after breaking into someone's house while they are sleeping, etc) may be.


So seriously, uh, why do you ask?


I mean, every coma patient that was ever woken up would be testifying in tears sending their doctors to jail if it was illegal, it's a silly question.

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is it illegal to wake someone up while they're sleeping?


no its cause you know those burger king commercials where it says "don't go to bed withouth the king" or something and he sounds an airhorn and wakes them up

The question then should be: is it illegal to spectacularly awaken a person, as with a tremendous and purposeful noise, especially if such results in a heart attack or even frightful death?


Good question. No sure if that's in the law books.

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