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fish bone and others


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Just a guess, as I have no idea about such things really: -


Can you grind up some dry fish bones and send the resulting powder for elemental analysis, then compare with pork, lamb, beef etc? You could then try this with different speicies of fish.


There is alo the obvious physical and visual differences, i.e. they are very thin and bendy compared to the others.

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Bones are largely calcium phosphate, but they are toughened by the presence of proteins. I doubt that those proteins are exaclty the same in fish as they are in lamb or beef. Careful extraction of the protein followed by analysis would, I'm sure tell fish from meat, and I think it might tell you a bit about the species of fish too.

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there is a Big difference between them although I`m not sure exactly what in terms of structure/composition.

but as a Cook, I notice a distinct difference, for instance, when making a stock it doesn`t matter how long you simmer bones from chicken, beef, or lamb, you`ll never get them to decompose like fish bones do and it`s nothing to do with the size either, think about the spine in a tin of salmon, they`re quite edible and turn to powder very easily.

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