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  1. uh, not really. I think you just enjoy your life while it lasts.
  2. can anyone give a way to find the difference of a fish bone (in content and such) in contrast to other bones(like chicken, pork, etc.)?
  3. For me, I think that this "carnivorism" started when the early humans felt that they did not have enough strength (protein) from eating the plants, so they thought of eating primary/secondary consumers to see if they could achieve any more meat in them. This is what I think, and it's basis is the Nitrogen cycle.
  4. Well, if it's messed up, then that's life.
  5. I highly suggest you don't look for a way to kill yourself, and instead find a way to fix your problem. Although on topic, some methods might make it painless, I will not discuss it, cause you might actually do it.
  6. Actually, even another idea that's practical will be appreciated. I'm more into Biology, maybe Botany? Since Botany is a bit more practical to use.
  7. Hello everyone! As you can see, I am a new member, and I am pleased to make your acquaintances. Now, our class is having an investigatory project, and this being my first, I have no idea what to do. To start off, our decided topic will be related to fish bones. If anyone would be kind enough to lead me towards a correct procedure/guide me on what to do with my rather hard to get along with group mates(I am, unfortunately, the leader.), though leading them is the least of my worries, as I can't even find a good project to do. I'd appreciate any tips, especially those that can he
  8. Hello, everyone! I am JeMoKn, but can be called Jemo. I've participated in this forum so that I may learn more of science, especially biology, which although I perform well, I do not have the skills to memorize everything. I hope that I may be able to leave a good impression with you. I am from the Philippines, by the way. And because of my location, my English will not always have perfect grammar. Also, does it make anyone else treat me differently if I say that I am only a high school student? I certainly hope not! Nice to meet you all!
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