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Little Survey About Religion Development (Questionnaire)

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I am making a survey about the religious development in current society.

This survey will be made through a interpretation of a simple questionnaire which will deal with how religion is related to the social relations, the supernatural, the personal opinions and what are the consequences of the religious variety.


The questions are in English Language and can be answered in the link below:

Questionnaire - Data Survey - How is religious development in current society?


I am opened to your suggestions, questions or any doubt that may come to mind.


Mail: a.ladeira@ymail.com



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I did it, pretty interesting, one problem with it is that the term religion is so broad that totally different systems are classed under it when in reality things such as Buddhism and Catholicism are completely different in both structure and ideals.

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The link is working.


Thanks for all of you.


Google Docs is wonderful! Have you tried?


I am sorry to consider atheism as a religious option. It was the only way to make a clear questionnaire. I wanted to keep it objective. Understand?


Psycho, I know! I don't understand how it may be such a problem. I think it's going to explore the religion variety deeper, specially the consequences of it.

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done. Had to reread a few questions to understand, but decently thorough.


are question not so well-made or the problem is in English structure? (because I have to admit I don't speak English as an American or an English).

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"When have you considered that you belong to the group of people who have the same religion as you? If you don’t remember, is it because you had born in a religious environment? "


Might be better worded as "When did you first consider that you belong to a group of people who have the same religion as you?"


"Does your religion influence on your diary decisions?"


I think you are trying to ask "Does your religion influence your daily decisions and/or activities?"



"Do you participate of religious meetings such as mass, worships, etc? If you don’t, have you ever gone to one of them to know the religious routine? If you do (according to the main question), how much time (per week) do you spend on those? *"


Could be written as: "Do you participate in...", "If you don't, are you familiar with the structure of these meetings?"


"Does your religion influences in your relationships?"


Can be rewritten as "Does your religion influence your relationship"


After all that nitpicking :), your questions are very good. They are very to the point, and will provide lots of relevant information to your study.


My grasp of languages (other than English, as it is my native one) is REALLY poor. I studied spanish for 6 years, and can honestly say that I know nothing about Spanish. What I'm trying to say, is that your communication skills in English are quite good.

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