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Experiment: Goofing around with Non-Newtonian [Goo] Fluid


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It’s Goo! It’s Solid! It’s Goo! It’s Solid! It’s— both???

My mom always told me never to play with my food, but in this case, I think even she will agree to make an exception. Not only am I going to play with this food, you should too. It’s way too fun to pass on.


(Read more and watch the video...)


Do you have anything to say? Wish to discuss the experiment? Ask questions or criticize the method? Post and debate here!

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The entire point is that this liquid turns "solid" when theres pressure. It doesn't matter how deep it is, what matters is the concentration of corn starch vs. water..


"Brainiac" did an experiment where they filled an ENTIRE swimming pool with that thing and one of their people ran accross it barefoot. He didn't sink, as long as he ran (even in place) -- as long as his feet applied "instant" pressure (by tapping the goop) he stayed on top of them. The second he stopped moving, he slowly sunk.


It's a REEEEEEALLY fun experiment to do and play with, just watch out -- it's uber messy :)


oh, and.. <blush> thank you ;)



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Yeah, I know this one, it's *UBER* cool. I just don't quite have the equipment for it (a subwoofer I can spare).


The major trouble with this stuff is that it's VEEEERRRYYY messy. I actually thought of putting other vibrating things under the substance, like those plates that are used for pottery (have one at school) but it became such a huge production, I ended up giving it up.


"The Big Bang Theory" had a segment with that bouncy goo[dness] on a subwoofer. Very amusing. :D

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