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  1. I could elaborate on several paths of execution or strategy, but I think it is simplest to leave it as it is. Since no one is replying with any mathematical input, this is one for the future. However. Should someone wish to attempt solutions, I would a discrete relation R: x <-> y, such that with a,b,c in Z(+): if aRb and bRc, then there is no aRc. I think ajb would have a crack at this, usually, if he is still around.
  2. Hmmm, used to be quite intelligent chaps and lasses on here.. where they all gone? :/ I don't have enough time to solve this currently. Looking for free expertise from SFN! ,) Ah .. it is clear, that we always look back and cherish the old times, since it was in a state of less entropy aye.. generally speaking.
  3. Ya.. that is exactly what I said about that plonker in the chair. Erm Stephen Hawkings or so.
  4. Hi there, I haven't been on here for almost a decade but I was wondering if someone could have some ideas on a binary (ternary would can also be acceptable) , discrete metric which is intransitive, that is fully, not partly, i.e. for all x,y,z: xRy ^ yRz => !(xRz). I see various ideas in topologies which are not dense and so on but it must be a discrete metric function. I been brainstorming for a good while but I can't quite come up with a solid solution, so ideas are very welcome.
  5. Right.. Hawkings out with a book again? I don't think I'm going ot bother more with his books. After reading one or two... I am sure he is a great physicist and mathematician but it can't be said the same of him in terms of philosophy unfortunately. Thus if anythign interesting comes out of the books, I am sure I will be able to pick it up through other channels. That he would come with something along the lines as you guys put forward here is not a surprise at all About that last irreducibility syllogism there Michel... Once my mother called me for the 'answer' on a discussion she and a
  6. Hi.. I just spoke to someone who was really is?/was really important to me; I mentioned something and I came across the scienceforums again and I see this post.. and LOL .. now usually I think I can rememeber that skeptic is a reasonable person.. but wait... if one answers a test (regardless of its validity), at the fastest possible time skeptic claims, (a universal highest speed from nerves, muscles , and thought), one gets 118 , when one chooses all the right answers... so just how did we get like loads of various higher scores? by doing the wrong ones???
  7. Geo, your idea is correct.. in a larger time scale then we consider regular, you speak of rocks flowing.. they behave as liquids... no they behave as liquids in their time range they indded are liquids and particles in the time range they are particles... sounds familiar? hmm , if this analogy would hold we would have particles so minute compared to protons as a rock to a liquid behaviour over your 'geological' time. However, your argument holds perfectly fine. answers were somewhat unclear in this post tbh (including this of course, don't stray ofF course!
  8. all answers are so intriguing as they all have correct descriptions. What is interesting though is the synergy of them and your description too. Although you were wrong in the assumption, you still imagined a carrier, a medium to carry off the heat which moontanman mentions and even insane alien's idea. radiation , a wave and particle.. as a particle... the answer makes 'sense''; however, with the wave model one will think so to be able to work BOTH as particle and wave, there must be some kind of media (hence , why (a)ether was an idea). So your question is a classic question, which real
  9. lol well coke two things.. that pun comic strip made me laugh... if you don't get it... well, that's kind of the point of it... the guy pondering afterwards.. due to randomness... like eg. my 'no pun intended'. Here's your answer... check the date of the post (any other day but april fool's day... perhaps... 'no offence' would be the actual term where 'no pun intended' was used). lak hope you are happy cocaine or coca cola
  10. sigh. Schwarzchild holes do not form naturally. Yes, Kerr holes or even Kerr-Newman holes are the naturally occurring celestial ones. People always* hypothesize over these SR things.. double sigh. IF something could cross an event horizon and disregarding the *actual* grav. tide effects etc. then sure, you could send a non-angualr momentum and non charged object and consider effects on that possibly Schw. Artificial BHs if we ever create them certainly could be SR. not natural ones. big no no.
  11. cody: There is more to it really. The persons were on a boat or so and had no food, they were originally 4. The other two (mostlikely) one day said the 4th person had fallenoverboard and served the personwho killed himself once the meat of the 4th person. They claimed this was catfish. When theperson tried it and realized it was not catfish, he killed him/herself. Let's assume it was his/hers spouse x The answer paranoia to thechief who let the man go is correctas a person said: You will kill me slowly. It coulf also have been :I will die slowly . Why? If the person will dieslowly andclaim
  12. coke, what exactly do you envision or mean by next to pure energy itself? What is pure energy?In which density does that energy manifest itself in? Pure energy is a somewhat conceptual idea... we only know pure energy density through actual things.. eg. energy contained in antimatter... or in matter or in steam, etc. etc. We know 'pure' energy as radiation for example.. but then what is the highest value of frequency? infinity? a finite number? again, your wording is a bit off. Still, sorry, this was ages ago and somewhat off topic. To get back, why does one have to imagine this a
  13. What you are talking about is the continuum; it being discrete or not. We generally say the ocntinuum is continous, although indeed there is a ' logical; inconsistency with a continous continuum and our intuition. eg. how is a body realyl finite? Calculating volume or area in mathematics in calculus, one takes discrte subintervals toweards infinity, however it still does not become continous as such. Infinities always have been somewhat irrational and are kind of the reason why mathematical models are models.. not reality (they map reality though pretty much perfectly or we disprove them and i
  14. ok... will go back and read all the fancy imagery postd after post 1.. but WHY right angle you say? Well , right angles (orthogonalism is inherently how we could sub divide the prima materia.. the perceivable world.. i.e. the world defined by our 5 exoteric senses given we are not disabled), give us the way to ddivide it further into its 3 constituents... HEY .. welcome mathematics (geometry modelling). Why does it happen to be 90 and not 120 or 213? Well.. this is because of the solar system.. sun and moon... the good ol' Babylonians divided the year into 360 days and also did that to the rep
  15. try thinking about it in terms of zen-buddhism and I will give you one of those things to think about like the sound of a one handed clap: Time is the perception of movement. (Hope it helps you in a non rational way )
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