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  1. Lol. Dont think i don't know anything abt search engines. I have searched from head to tail abt the oobleck in google but i cant find one which meet my criteria. Actually the problem is you cant understand what i say. I know what does non- newtonian fluid means and i have did experiments with that. But i want to make comparisons with some other liquids. So here is the result of cornstarch with warm water:- I took 500 grams of cornstarch and mixed it with 200 ml of water. I found out that it completely looks like a liquid but has solid properties more. But that collidal sollution with normal water didnt look exactly like liquid. Well could you guys please explain me why it has more non-newtonian property if it reacts with warm water rather that with normal water?? This is what i ask from you guys... And Drp i am not small boy =)) Sorry if i had ever been harsh with you
  2. IA iam going to work on it man. Iam going to try it with hot water. And only help i ask you from is how t works so?? Answer me later when i say the result.
  3. Well my topic is changed. What will happen if we mix cornstarch with hot water or cool water? Well IA please give me detailed explanation of how it works. I'll post the result after doing and please say me why it works so and how it works so.
  4. What happens if we mix cornstarch with milk or vinegar? And why does it happens so? Please explain me...
  5. i searched it too. But what iam saying is actually not about a non-newtonian liquid. Iam asking what happens if we mix cornstarch with milk or vinegar. And why does it happens so? It becomes a non-newtonian liquid only if it is mixed with water.
  6. i know thats easy dude! But i have to explain how it works. It's a big problem for me.
  7. I know the result of cornstarch with water but i want to know what happens if we mix cornstarch with saltwater, vinegar or milk.
  8. Hi iam khubaib_95 and iam new. Iam 14. I love science very much
  9. I've searched using every keywords. Atleast could u please give a link to a site where can i get any information about this?
  10. Hi friend. Iam khubaib. Iam new to this forum. I'm having a science fair by the second week of november. But i have to submit it by tomorrow. I chose the oobleck as my project. Well could you please explain me how the corn starch works with normal water, salt water and sugar water(Experiment with explanation). And how much quantity we must need for each experiment. This is a comparitive experiment, so i am testing with different solution. And also tell me how it works with other liquids like milk and some others ( which one you know). Please, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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