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The BBC's Reputation


Has the credibility of the BBC been damaged in your eyes?  

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  1. 1. Has the credibility of the BBC been damaged in your eyes?

    • Yes; I no longer trust their reporting.
    • Yes; but I will continue to use them as a news source.
    • No; but I will no longer use them as a news source.
    • Not one bit.
    • Undecided or Other.

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Sayonara³ said in post # :

Are you sure you mean "badly worded", or do you mean "open to interpretation and should allow a wide scope for discussion"?


(Hence the "Other" option)


I know what I mean. A poll needs to be very well defined, because you're trying to collect the relative numbers of opinions. Obviously, if people who hold the same opinion can vote for diametrically opposite results, it's a flawed poll.

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It seems to me that critics of the enquiry seem to have made prior judgement of the government and BBC, and only disagree wth the hutton report based purely on what they think that it should have said. The report hence was meaningless because everyone looked at it with fixed and preconcieved notions anyway.

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  • 10 months later...

Its turning into bloody ITV, really not related to the 'hutton enquiry'.


All good documenteries? Scrapped.


Gone are the days of hardcore 'Horizon' programmes, and those ones where somebody goes round investigating companies and shouting at them with a secret camera.

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