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  1. Dear Perennial,

    Many years ago you helped a physics student by offering them material on your experience with a fracture mechanical case study - concerning the fatigue crack propagation of the human fibula. Like that student I am researching bone for my physics coursework and would find it extremely helpful and interesting if you would share your material with me also. Is this possible? Th...

  2. The situation of Iraq and countries typically holding elections differs quite a bit, people have been exiled and so forth, doesn't sound bad.
  3. Anyways, I've found at least the pipelining modifications giving added speed benefit .... not that firefox really needs any.
  4. In his case - yes. He has build up such a ivory tower for himself that mistakes aren't conceivable as far as he is concerned. Usually people, politicians included, don't consider themselves infallible, or being guided by "higher powers", in which case admitting what everyone already knows ain't a problem. Usually these people come up on top, but not always as can be seen.
  5. Damaged, but still somewhat above the median of the bunch.
  6. So if I got this right you want to implement an element with a trigonometric shape / interpolation function for a 1D problem ... what sort of a problem are you working on (PDE you're solving and so forth)? You can either derive the required eqs using a direct variational approach or a general Galerkin approach depending on the type of problem you're up against, if you can provide some further information on the PDE and your problem I might be able to give some pointers & references.
  7. I've been using Stardock's bootskin to do the same thing ... which is actually free btw if I remember correctly.
  8. I'm inclined to say the current political systems do represent the majority ... the fact that the majority is typically extremely idiotic in its behavior goes in my mind hand to hand with the stupidity of nowadays popularized politics. And as such the transition to a system where essentially everyone would vote on everything wouldn't be that drastic. People can have opposing views and still fit in the same planet, I'm not willing to swallow it that easily that the majority would want to dictate how everyone else lives - given time that would backlash on the majority due to the intrinsic d
  9. This is starting to sound like the "majority" would in fact lead to inevitable oppression for the minority, which it does not. As well as admission that democracy is inherently flawed.
  10. Math and physics were the only unbounded subjects.
  11. Haven't missed that much ... actually minors & European series are filling the gap pretty good. On a side note, cutting overall costs by x % would be a solution I'd see fitting, caps are sure great but in principle wouldn't want to be employed such that what I get depends on the financial yield. And don't see why anyone else would see that fitting either, no matter how much they make.
  12. A cool one ! What was the original source?
  13. Yeah, it gets literally pretty complex quite soon, but overall you'll get to delve some really interesting stuff.
  14. Yeah, it's a real puzzle . Perhaps the people working up the statistics have had problems incorporating negative numbers.
  15. The same joint has it "the other way around" : http://www.nationmaster.com/graph-T/cri_adu_pro after which it's starting to look the way it's supposed to. What ever happened to believing in the old clause stating that the way we treat our prisoners measures our maturity as a society ?
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