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  1. Hi all, came across this question in prep for my GAMSAT exam. I've been trying to work it out, but my answers do not match up with the given answers in the book. 5.5 x 10^-7 is the given answer. I've attached the problem with this post. Can anyone verify that 5.5 x 10^-7 is correct or a mistake? Any help appreciated. edit: Ignore the graph part
  2. They originate from proliferating spermatogonial stem cells
  3. Antibodies themselves will not break down cells, but they can cause the activation of complement proteins and/or effector cells (namely phagocytes). It is the activation of the complement proteins and effector cells that would cause apoptosis. I think the answer you are trying to get at is: The anti-epithelial auto antibodies bind to the epithelial cells which activate complement and effector cells, leading to apoptosis. Perhaps this would help also Autoimmunity
  4. Autoimmunity, by definition, leads to apoptosis. Unless there is reason to believe that another cause exists then yes the antibodies can be associated with the apoptosis. However, it is also possible that apoptosis or necrosis itself can lead to autoimmunity so without knowing the exact pathology of the disease you've got a sort of "chicken or egg" debate. Hope that helps
  5. What purpose do the carpal bones serve? Do they have any support, protection and/or force distribution? I would have thought that it protects the nerves that run through the carpal tunnel (hence damage to the carpal bones could lead to carpal tunnel syndrom), but i'm not too sure whether it has any support roles. I skeptical whether it distibutes any force.
  6. Taking too much aspirin can be bad for you. IMO it should be avoided whenever possible. As YT2095 said, seek medical attention.
  7. Actually...i've also wondered the answer to this question too.... and now i know ...But has this been scientifically proven?
  8. i've come across the wikipedia one before, and yeah is rather basic, but the second link seems more useful and more to what i'm looking for thanks!
  9. Are there any sites with info about A and Z form DNA in detail? I've tried searching on google, but can't seem to find anything
  10. Clinically its not practical, and as far as i know it isn't used for weight loss. Dialysis would only temporarily have an effect, and i doubt it will result in significant weight loss. I would think that the body's homeostatic mechanism would kick in to counter-act the dialysis in some way. However combined with some other treatment, possibly liposuction or stomach stapling then mayb dialysis would perhaps be slightly useful. But even still, i think the effects would vary from person to person. Also i don't think dialysis would be economically feasible to treat patients with weight problems, surely dialysis should be carried out on patients that actually need it, such as those with kidney problems.
  11. Not directly...but surely less food intake means that the body needs more energy to be burned to maintain metabolism?
  12. It could be that global warming is a natural phenomena, but is being speeded up by human influences
  13. My advice would be to try talk to as many people as you can on the first day...sounds really stupid...but it makes the whole year easier. Its important to get used to the people and places that you will be around for the next 3 years(at least) ...and don't worry..everyone is in the same boat
  14. Exercise is not the only way to burn fat. In morbidly obese patients a radical procedure called gastroplasty, or "stomach stapling", is used as treatment.
  15. so, the B form could potentially "denature" into the A form under high salt concentrations or with dehydration?
  16. Can anyone tell me where the A-form and Z-form of DNA is found? I understand that the B form is found in normal human cells, but where do the other two come from and do/can they exist in human cells?
  17. I not certain but i'm quite sure that there's a thread for this already created.
  18. lol, yea sure...give me five minutes and it'll be ready. lol Its been a while since i've done any programming, and even when i did it was simple stuff, like integer A + integer B What you're trying to do looks complicated. It would help if you stated what language you are using.
  19. Do you mean histology of human cells? If so, theres this book called Wheater's Functional Histology Wheater's Functional Histology i hate looking down microscopes all the time...everything looks the same to me!
  20. This site might help (has a genetics sub-section for each species, use the menu on the left): http://www.ecotao.com/holism/hu_sap.htm I don't think there is a definite time scale for how long modern homo sapiens have been alive, but the timeline for the homosapiens started between 100,000-300,000 years ago.
  21. As billyaxon said, electrical conduction would occur much faster than chemical, however most electrical conduction is intracellular(i.e. not in a synapse). This is what generates the action potential. I think the main reason that most nmj are chemical is that so that a number of neurotransmitter substances can be released. For example lets take the heart, during exercise more Noradrenaline is released by the sympathetic nerve which innervates the sino-atrial node. This causes the heart to pump faster and harder. However during rest (i.e. when sleeping) the heart does not need to pump as fast, therefore the parasympathetic innervation of the heart is initiated, which means acetlycholine is released and the nmj; causing the heart to beat slower. Furthermore drugs can also affect the way the neurotransmitters behave at the nmj. If the nmj was purely electrical then it would not be possible to control different physiological conditions around the body.
  22. For most cells the structure is suited to its function and/or purpose
  23. Google it...i guarantee that you'll find what you want
  24. Is there a software that can convert .avi files to .mp3? The reason for asking is that i have some music videos and want just the sound (mp3). Any help appreciated
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