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  1. I'm thinking in circles and would appreciate somebody's help. Firstly, is electromagnetic radiation matter? Secondly, would it make sense for a scientist to say that non-matter can interact with matter? Cheers
  2. ah ok, i understand now.. thank you so much for writing that up.
  3. yeh that makes sense ^ would you also know why the halogens get darker as u go down the group? as the shells further out are being filled, and the energy jump between the further shells is smaller, i would have thought that the halogens would go from violet to red as u go down the group, as the electrons would only need a small amount of energy (hence related to red as opposed to violet) to move to a higher energy level before releasing this energy again.
  4. hey, why do the colours of the halogens change from Fluorine to Iodine?
  5. Actually I think it will be 50-50. 50.4451 ml of DCPIP and 49.6649 of water to be exact. Is this correct? Please...
  6. i'd like it accurate please, so that i can get good marks for my titration investigation
  7. I have a DCPIP solution of 3.37*10^-3 M I need it to be 1.7*10^-3 M I want 100ml of it. So how much water and how much of the 3.37*10^-3 M DCPIP do I have to put in. Also, anybody know a website or formula so I know for next time... Thanks a lot. By the way, 3.37/1.7=1.98235 and 1.7/3.37=0.504451
  8. Which are the few cells programmed to die i.e. how are they chosen?
  9. Why does programmed cell death occur? Why do all cells have a death wish? Out of interest, what happens when cells die? The first 2 qns are cambridge interview qns
  10. thanks i did just that and it helped.
  11. A finite number divided by nothing (zero) is infinity. A finite number divided by infinity is nothing (zero). Therefore, nothing multiplied by infinite equals a finite number.
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