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  1. I'm not sure if this'll work for you, but what I did was before going to sleep, I play the most comforting music for me, the more noise, the better. And then I drift off to a dreamless, or so i think, sleep.
  2. dude, those stuff from the bible forbidding anyone to wear jewelry is applicable only during the olden times. cultures have changed. it wouldn't be a sin wearing a necklace. the bible is there so that a relationship with Jesus can be established not a rule book that should be followed blindly. the bible is not for religion but for a relationship with Jesus Christ. getting to know Him even more. enjoy! God bless dude.
  3. This is hilarious...you mean there is actually a person who is that devoted to the Bible?...WOW. In my opinion, I don't think it's normal to actually follow every single thing that the Bible says...I'm not saying to not follow it...but let the Bible decide how you make decisions? Dude, that is just too much. You should be able to make your own decisions...I mean your wife...
  4. Uhm...you could delete the previous threads which have been locked for posting...and other abandoned threads out there.
  5. Final Fantasy. But if you mean the ff in the question, then it's following. I don't know why the shortcut is ff, though.
  6. alice


    It could be that she didn't have to lose her dignity to do the ad. If you want to do something because you like doing that something, and that something is disgusting to others, does that mean you lose your dignity?
  7. 1. THR 2. RHR 3. WHR All of the above have something to do with the heart. I didn't catch where those are used. It's in our Physical Education class. Please, help! Thanks a bunch!
  8. YT. Behind that smart and loving dad is a most evil mind waiting for the world to focus on AP...and then...he will unleash his evilness and turn us all into bunnies! Nyahehehe...
  9. alice


    Didn't it come to you that she may be doing that/she did that for the money? Money can make you do a lot of things...including stuff like that...and of course, the fame. She's now famous to every guy who accessed that website. She's famous for being ugly and for being such a b*tch to do that.
  10. alice


    Not all women are beautiful, it's a reality. You should never speak like that about women...it's not like I adore the ad, I hate ads like that one you've been saying....you just can't speak like that of women. Some women are pretty and some are not. The unfortunate ones were most likely given a chance by the company to show their fellow unfortunate kind that even though they are that hideous, men will still go for them. That the saying "Love is blind." is really true. It's a good thing though, that men in the ads are not yet hideous...close, but not yet.
  11. alice


    Older women can be very manipulative.
  12. alice


    There are actually marriages like that here in the Philippines, but of course, it happens only in the mountains. Parents give their beautiful young girls to some old coot and let them marry in exchange for money, work, a piece of land, etc. Most of the time, it's under 15. I think one of our former house helps was engaged to be married to a 60-year old, or was it her mother, who got married at 12 or 13 with a 60-year old and gave birth to her? Once their daughter is able to give birth, the parents usually give them/sell them to the DOMs. It's a dirty practice of the upland people.
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