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Near Absolute Zero..Light?


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I remember hearing that in conditions near absolute zero the speed of light slows down so much you could over take a laser beam on a skateboard. Now how can this be if he speed of light is constant and should apear to be traveling at c in all frames of reference. How does the temperature affect c? Is this even a plausible scenerio?

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light only appears to slow down when it passes through materials anyway. this is because the photons are being absorbed by the atoms and then re-emitted. between the atoms the photons travel at c. light never slows down its instantaneous velocity, merely its average velocity.

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Back in 2000 scientists stopped light:



Oh, come now, you know better. They stored information about the light. "Stopped light" is the stuff of tabloids. (as is any mention of Star Trek in an article on quantum teleportation)


"in the light stopping experiment, the information is contained in the electromagnetic fields of the light beam and is transferred to the state of the gas atoms."

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