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I Need A Good Web Host


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I'm looking for a free web host that can support my PHP code. I've searched for them but I can't find any that work! Here are some of the web hosts I've tried.


AwardSpace.com: This service worked great at first. Then they decided to delete my account! They didn't send me an e-mail or anything. I've tried contacting them, but they won't reply! :mad:


1FreeHost.net: This company won't even give me an account! I filled out the form, and it said to check my e-mail for my password. I never got an e-mail from them. I clicked on, "Forgotten your password?" and I entered my e-mail address. It said my password would be sent to me, but I still didn't get an e-mail.


Cabspace.com: This company must not have their servers setup correctly. When I try to load my pages in my browser, it will display the actual code instead of the page.


Freehostia.com: This actually looks like a good service. However, when I try to fill out the signup form, the web site will just freeze.


What is the problem here? Are all free web hosts operated by a bunch of idiots, or are there some good ones out there? If anyone knows of any good free web hosts, please let me know.

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I used to use (and still do for little testing scripts and other random stuff)




I don't think they restrict signups to the UK, it is a very tightly controled php install though, more so than safemode. But for most stuff it will work...


But with web hosting you normally gets what you pay for, and if you don't pay the service wont be wonderfull...

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