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  1. wow actually that sounds really interesting...ill think about it and talk it over with my partner xP thanks!
  2. oh its a desktop...and i will buy more ram...but i just keep forgettin cuz of all this other random stuff i have to do...xP
  3. if u wanna learn about ebola, i suggest reading the book The Hot Zone...it tells u everything u need to kno about the ebola basically...and its effects and everything...its a GREAT book to read and i definitely recommend it to those with curious minds...
  4. xDiViNiTix


    hmm i still say do things the natural way...otherwise mother natures gonna fight it and we'll end up with more diseases than we have now...
  5. hmm thats an interesting question... maybe its because we do so many things with our hands and between each of carpal bones theres cartilage that helps cushion the bones in the hand? haha im not quite sure... or maybe its cuz our ancestors had some use for it...and now its becoming a vestigial bone cuz we havent used it for millions of years...
  6. i believe psyc is definitely a science...considering you run tests, form hypotheses, observe and analyze results from experiments, and everything else that a normal "science" comprises of...actually...pretty much anything can be a science...it all depends on how u look at it...
  7. i guess to just help back up their thoughts on something...
  8. yea i need a newer usb stick since mine only holds like...what...256megs? and that isnt even a lot...and its not even a full 256megs either as usual -.- as of now, all i care about is the fact that i need more ram...xP lol im runnin on like 128 here...ugh sucks so much...haha
  9. haha yea well apparently we're workin with an $100 per person/group for this project...and so idk how small i can get the parts with that money so that i can fit it into a pen xP and even with my money i doubt i can afford stuff like that since im pretty poor myself xP
  10. just use loops that run through the string or array or whatever ur using backwards for the palindrome...and then compare it with the original data to see if they match...
  11. oh wow awesome never heard of that one b4...but i guess u really do learn something new everyday
  12. maybe talkhost.com? i kno my friend uses that one but idk if it supports php
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