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full moon


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is it true that mentally instable patients become aggressive during the full moon. why?and also what happens if a wolf bites a human during fullmoon . i know this is crazy but there have been cases where people have gone insane and acting strangly then on?:D

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Moonbeams are evil, aren't they? A well-earthed tinfoil helmet might be useful protection, but if you see fairies dancing on the moonbeams, Oh boy, you have real [/i']problems. :D

Ha ha! :D


I don't think they're evil, the moon is one of my favorite things in the sky to look at.


Side Note: No one I know gets all crazy when it's a full moon.

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Human reproductive cycles seem to coralate to a 28 day cycle (similar to the moon). Many animals also use the moon to govern reproductive behaviour.


This is just specualtion, but, could the increased aggressivness be all about males competeing with each other? It would be interesting to see thouse police recors to see if there was an equal or different increase in violence between men an women.

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I am moon :D


in my country, my moon is romantic atmosphere.

Couples really love dates under Full moon though nothing evidence facts support this.

In religion. Moon is gentleness characteristic of God. This characteristic are bring along by girls/women.

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I once managed a large nightclub for several years, and all I can say is that more research is needed. We always increased wait staff and security for full moon weekends. When I started working there, I thought that was pretty weird. I changed my mind after observing for about a year. Many nightclubs do the same. Many seasoned law enforcment people, paramedics and urgent care staff have also observed a strong correlation. Jury's still out.


The Lunar Effect: Biological Tides and Human Emotions by Arnold L. Lieber is an interesting read, but have a shaker of salt handy ( a grain of salt won't be enough).

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