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  1. Sorry been away for a bit. Actually, I did consider it. Part of the chain of reasoning covers that. Essentially, because the God is all powerful, then He could achieve anything any way He wanted to. This means that He could achieve the same ends as the God of your Hns universe without the need to include suffering (essentially there is a Hnot S universe that has the exact outcomes of any Hns universe available to an all powerful, all knowing God). This means that any suffering is there because the God wanted the suffering only for the sake of that suffering. With an all powerful
  2. It was reading the bible that made me realise that Christianity could not be true. Haivng re-read parts of it in light of what I have learned up to now, when I re-read it I could not help but think of the medical definition of a psychopath. Try it, you talk about understanding it and this is a way to understand it. Read the bible with a check-list of what psychopathy is, and compare it with any reference to God (or even just what God says) you will very rapidly fill in the list. Scarily so. Basically, the personality of God in the bible (new testament or old testament) is pretty much a
  3. According to the bible, it is not the devil that is sending to be punished, the devil is more like a prosecutor in a trial. God is supposed to deliver your verdict and send you to be punished. I suppose you might consider the devil as the one punishing you because it is also his job to carry out the judgements of God on the ones that God finds guilty. This is also the problem with the "miracles" as claimed by Christianity, and even you. With your "miracle" where your mother stopped in the parking lot, you refuse to acknowledge that there could have been some other cause for her to stop,
  4. When most people think of "All Powerful" they just think "Really Powerful". This is why I used the definition in my argument using set theory. In my argument, A is the set of all actions and AC is the acts that create any universe. In my argument, this means any universe that can be conceived by a being that can conceive of anything. Specifically, this includes a universe that does: anything and everything that God would require from this (or really any universe) universe, but has no suffering. It doesn't matter what the purpose of the universe is, whether or not we have free will,
  5. The concept of √Član Vital (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%89lan_vital) has been disproved for a long time now. I find it interesting that people still try to bring it up in some form or another. It was partly the inspiration of the book by Mary Shelly: "Frankenstein". This statement is very important to understanding why your concepts are false. In systems theory any two systems that interact can be grouped together into a larger system. This is essentially what you are saying in your statement above. However, because they interact, they must be able to influence each other (or
  6. Actually, no. There is more than enough time for the eye to evolve. Scientists have worked out that the eye could have evolved, using known rates of mutation, in a minimum time of a few thousand generations. The process goes like this: There are chemicals that react to light. These are quite common throughout organic chemistry. Some cells near the surface of an organism have these chemicals in them. When these chemicals are exposed to light it triggers a cascade reaction in the cell. Over time, any organism that could use this cascade to trigger behaviour (such as increasing the p
  7. Nobody is denying that the bible was written, but we are questioning who the author was. It would be a bit like me claiming to be JRR Tolkien. There is proof that someone wrote these words, but there is no proof that I am Tolkien.
  8. I would say both. One could just as well say that the universe was sneezed out of some nose (fits with the expanding universe we see). Maybe you would call that sneezer God. Or, maybe the universe was created due to the uncertainty between time and space at plank scales (which doesn't require a divine being/God). So, unless you have data that determines which of these (or any number of other situations) are true, then you don't have any evidence and thus can not be basing your beliefs on a rational judgement. Not a complete list but: 1) All powerful 2) All knowing 3) Perfe
  9. Key word "All". Mt Everest (tallest mountain in the world) is around 8,840 metres. This means that the horizon you could see would be around 10km away. I think even just 1 kingdom would be more than 20 in diameter. Therefore you could not see all the kingdoms in the world from even the tallest mountain. But this is exactly how a con artist would want you to think. Back in the american old west days, there were travelling salesmen that would go around selling tonics (one of the ingredients they would ay was in the tonic was "Snake Oil" - and they became known as snake oil salesmen
  10. How about being able to do an experiment yourself that has evolution occur right in front of your face. What you need: Pencil and eraser Several pieces of paper (or you could use a word processor if you want to save paper) 2 Coins And a fair bit of time (a few hours at least). Setup: - On one piece of paper write a word (about 6 letters will do). Put this aside so you can remember it. We will call this the target word. - On another piece of paper write random letters (call this the see word). It doesn't need to be the same number as the word you wrote. Also, unless you have a
  11. Actually you don't need to invoke a new particle or anything like that. The answer is simple. Above, I talked about L-Systems, and how they are a finite state machine. Finite state machines get inputs and change their state according to those inputs and their current internal state (so as the state changes, so to can their reaction to a given input). If one side of the root get more water than the other, then this gives a gradient of water across the growing end of the root. The state change in the growing cells are that if one region has less water than another, then slow down growth
  12. How can you tell if someone is lying to you? Simple. Check to see if what they are saying matches with reality. If it doesn't match with reality, then they are lying. So, does the bible state anything that does not match with reality? Matthew 4:8. Apparently there is a mountain high enough you can see every where on Earth. Mt Everest is known to be the highest mountain on Earth and you can not see every where on Earth. This is a passage in the bible that does not match with reality. Hmm, does this mean that because the bible does not match with reality, then the bible
  13. In quantum mechanics (and in science in general), the term "observation" does not equal observation by a concious entity (if they meant that they would have said that). Strictly speaking "observation" in science means: "Something that interacts with the system". So an electron could be "observed" by a photon, even though the photon has no conciousness at all. Conciousness is not a requirement of observation. In the double slit experiment, what causes the behaviour to change is specifically what type of interaction takes place. AN interaction is a sort of exchange of information
  14. Actually, the best model for plant growth is Lindenmayer Systems (L Systems). Snowflakes are best represented by DLAs. If you think about how a snowflake forms, it forms from a seed (a bit of dust or ice crystal, etc) then as it moves through the supercooled air/water mixture (eg a cloud), the molecules of water bump into the seed and "stick" to it becoming part of the flake. The growing flake and the water molecules in the air follow Brownian motion. This is really a textbook case of what a DLA is. Plants grow by cell division. When a cell divides genes inside it can be turned on
  15. Me too. Sorry for the delay. Yes, we should get changes in ocean circulation, wind patterns and other things too, not just heat. the thing is, the warming won't stop at this temperature. If we keep adding CO2 and other greenhouse gasses, then this will keep retaining more and more energy and thus increasing climate change. Think of riding a runway car down a hill. The first few meters or so you aren't going fast and you could jump off or even apply the breaks easily enough. At this point the ride is benign. But, if the car isn't slowed down or stopped, then it will get faster a
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