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  1. Phi, I already addressed that there is conflicting evidence on both sides, this kind of science based on 'evidence and data' wont get us any closer to the truth, especially when so many here only consider those things important and brush off mysticism, consiousness and anything connected the the new age, spirituality etc. At least the new age can embrace science, where science on its own us stuck. considering this isn't going anywhere remotely interesting, il just stop bothering..
  2. Keenidiot, Thats certainly not my understanding of Ancient Astronaut theory, I grew up around lots of books on the subject as my mother and her mother were advocates. My grandmother was a shaman and had accessed communication and knowledge of celestial beings. One book I remember as a child is this one http://www.amazon.co...31164402&sr=1-1 Many people consider the first extraterrestrial interventions to be traced back to Hyperborea and Atlantis rather than Sumer, which would have been predominantly caucasian. But i doubt many people here will be able to bring themselves to the consideration that civilisation might be 10's of thousands of years older than we think it is. Edit: the other interesting thing is that the great Traditionalist philosophers like Rene Guenon talked about the first primordial knowledge of the true nature of God and spirituality coming from Hyperborea and Atlantis : Although they don't understand it as having been Alien intervention, they do see true knowledge coming from these regions in prehistory and it spiralling downwards and degrading into decadence and modernity since those times Phi for All, I was looking for emotional responses to my posts, but I wouldn't consider that trolling. Is emotion not ok? I like speculation and making new connections to the world up the way I want to see it, my argument was that with a new understanding of science, its ok to do this, its ok to be emotional. Imagination is the future, in all shapes and forms. Immortal, I don't understand, this makes no sense to me, if they do have to be small, what difference would that make and how would it make hyperdimensional ufo's impossible? Surly if they had developed technology that is say, millions of years ahead of ours, how can you say that? To just say 'oh it has to be small, so it wouldn't be like that' seems a pretty limited imagining of it
  3. but I thought the double slit experiment and other things proved that we can change matter through our conscious observation of it, is it just that you are afraid of a post-science future, and a convergence of our understanding rather than separate disciplines, where we have something new. It is no secret that science is in a crisis because of these discoveries. I don't understand your use of terms like 'hallucination and fantasy' as if they are they are factored out from existence. If there are 10 or more dimensions then how can you be sure 'new age science' is 'not science' when really ideas like 'science' and 'the new age' and 'mysticism' are social constructs which either help us one way or another in our understanding of the world or hinder us, when they start to hinder us, we need a new understanding, it sounds as if you are stuck on some of the hindering aspects of what you think science is in opposition to.
  4. I mean, say if I said "could a pink elephant fly out of my mouth now" the answer might be no because its never happened and likely to never happen, but its not physically impossible and if I imagined it, no say a million people imagined it happening : does it actually then happen in some form or dimension. I guess what I am saying is that anything is possible within the limits of human consciousness, thats why we should always push for the development on consciousness
  5. Does this now mean that there could be any possible outcome from an event, and perhaps many outcomes spiral off into other dimensions that we don't perceive. I like the idea that UFO's are extradimensional objects that we perceive in three dimensions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTJsRi-4wdk This one for instance is akin to the idea of a 3D rotating cube passing through a 2D world : where the inhabitants of that 2D world would experience a 2D morphing shape : is this the kind of thing we are experiencing with some UFO's and if it were, how could we possibly prove it considering their ephemerality.
  6. Thats not the way things work, not on a quantum level. You displayed a newtonian world view, get with it... I don't need to prove anything, I don't have that kind of worldview. I tend to consider consciousness as the driving force behind what we experience of the physical world and the information that flows around us, I'm not particularly interested in science in the way that most people here are treating it. If the UFO's are demons which we conjured up within our psyche so be it, we could suggest that, if there are 10 or so dimensions, simply by becoming conscious of the effects of the human condition coupled with technological advancement : we actually create these entities in some other dimension, then they come to haunt us. This is theoretically possible. These were my original points, that developments in our understanding of the quantum world have thrown science into a state of crisis. Old dualisms disintergrate hyperdimensionality is a good hypothesis of the UFO phenomena, time and time again you hear people who aren't looking deeper into the phenomenon suggests the limited idea that 'aliens' couldn't have possibly travelled so far as to reach us.
  7. so wikipedia is proof? and a pervious statement michel123456 made "Probably a hydrocephalus" strikes me as somewhat speculative (sarcasm marks again) I thought people here were advocates of science. like with most of these cases, there is conflicting evidence and opinion, the interesting thing is that the wikipedia article on the Roswell crash is actually not bad, it just depends wether you want to believe some flimsy story by government officials that it was a weather balloon or the years of evidence and research that states otherwise, Id rather not trust governments or any bodies with private interests, but suckers still want to defend the authoritarian bodies. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roswell_UFO_incident also side note @ someone suggested that climate science was not being suppressed http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2012/feb/17/michael-mann-climate-war?INTCMP=ILCNETTXT3487
  8. where has its DNA been proven human? head binding is always thrown up as a possible solution, its ridiculous, some traditional tribal cultures have binded the heads of infants to try to emulate the God's but you cant simply bind a head into any shape and size, come on people.... mmm a little bit of head binding and here we have the results ⸮ http://blogs.independent.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/skull.jpg
  9. maybe you people will respect this man, then again, maybe not. real evidence is in your head
  10. If you think it is simply that easy you are seriously mistaken, think about how much visionary knowledge has been suppressed throughout history because of institutions that have other interests in mind. There is been plenty of artifacts worthy of consideration , most of it has fallen into the realm of what a lot of people consider quackery and become associated with pseudoscience simply because there are many giant institutions and orthodoxies that uphold their agenda that keeps us from moving forward ; governments, corp[orations, organised religion, mainstream science and by no means least of all : A bewielderd mass ready to defend the rigid ideas of the status-quo at any cost. We are already seeing how the evidence of climate change has been suppressed and covered up by corporations, its pretty obvious that something like ainchent astronauts canot be taken seriously in this climate, and there will always be a mass of people who rigidly back up this orthodoxy exemplified by most of the responses here. I would say most religious texts that claim to be prophecy and the word of god are good enough artifacts, as evidence of the case for ancient astronauts : they all clearly state in one way or other that beings came down from the heavens and created humans in their own image, had intercourse with them, give them knowledge, ruled over them, had a kingdom in the sky with chariots of fire or birds of thunder. The main problem is that the postmodern mechanised mind wants everything to be quantified and objectified, it feels safe thinking that these historical accounts are purely mythological. Isn't the story of Jesus a good enough evidence, actual historical evidence that states that a woman from earth bore a child through artificial insemination. There has been lots of physical evidence too, much of it has either been discontinued, secretly worked on or fallen into the realms of the new age movement which no one takes seriously. It doesn't take much Heres an example : Something like this comes out in the Daily Mail, hardly a credible source http://www.dailymail...huaylillas.html - will we ever hear anything else about this? despite how significant it is, wil the evidence ever come back : NO! people will just forget about it and we won't hear anything. This sort of thing happens all the time. People often are put off as soon as any implication of conspiracy comes about, but come on, its no secret that the government doesn't make everything transparent, of course they have secrets and cover things up , anyone who thinks the worlds governments are transparent is seriously nieve. Even yesterday I was at a family gathering of in-laws and I heard someone mention that he knew someone who was on a panal with David Cameron and was made aware that the UK Government is taking samples every new child's DNA for 'future provisions', the government gets up to things that we don't know about, its just that most people are scared to go down the conspiracy road and its easier for them to forget about.
  11. Why does the scientific community still continue to deny the Ancient Alien hypothesis? Are we to still asume that our ancient ancestors simply had an over active imagination? This is seriously not good enough. If we continue to think this way, we go into the future with a blindfold, this idea of the world - a mechanistic world view must change as we approach the end of the Kali Yuga. It seems ridiculous that the majority still hold the narrow view, considering what we now know and understand, to even claim that we couldn't possibly have had celestial interventions throughout our history and we must have then developed in more or less liner progression will soon become part of an old worldview. Many people still focus on the ideas of a God who created the universe. It is important remember that the idea of a monotheistic creator is fairly new and the Old Testament itself talks about the Sons of God (contradicting the New Testament which sugests there is only the one Son) who came down from the kingdom of heaven to have intercourse with the daughters of men and bore children to them. We must remember - ancient people saw extra terestrials as Gods, but these beings who have intervened throughout history gave us monotheism later to develop our consciousness : to help us develop the idea that everything is part of everything else : now, in Quantum physics we find new meaning, finally we can come closer to God when we realise that the kingdom of heaven is inside all of us, God as a particle : we are part of the universe, our DNA is celestial. This is finally breaking the Kali Yuga, we are in a time of great change, science is in crisis. There is plenty of evidence, but no credible scientist will go there for fear of their reputation - isnt the modern scientific community is the equivalent of the church in medeval times? It must break.
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