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  1. Thanks! For the information and your personal veiws. I am a very keen individual especially in the feild of spirituality. I am a student of the S.O.U.L. (School Of Universal Law) self-educated and inventor of many new and original sciences. As a person you should never need anything external to validate what basic logic can conclude. The data I provided is more than enough to scientificlly prove the 4th spatial dimension, I am smart enough to know that. If you feel that what I have is ordinary and not extraordinary, unoriginal, poorly presented, full of holes, and non-understandable, sorry. To
  2. I guess the Wright brothers gave you all the mathematical aeronautical data to prove that their machine flew... Go figure. I drew the hyper tetrahedron first, from there I used it deduct the graph because there was no 4D graph, it had yet to be visualized. In other words, there was no suitable language to express this polytope. How can you plot a visual 4D shape on a 3-space graph? So I created the graph just for the hyper tetrahedron. But it works on all non-euclidean geometry! It's philosophically logical, intellectually factual, easy to read and ready to be used. And it is to the maximum
  3. Again, the numbers can only describe what you see here today. For me to get numbers added to it, it's not a problem. If you dont need numbers to explain the first three dimensions, you dont need it for the fourth either. I offer you the Universal Grid fully operational and still you ask me for more? Wow, thats like me showing you an antigravity device that works and you ask me to write you an equation for it, and if I cant then the antigravity effect is not real and useless. Sounds weird if you ask me.
  4. Black sheep black sheep have you any wool? yes sir yes sir 4 bags full... read em and weep!

  5. I give you experimental proof of the fourth spatial dimension. Yeah but the visualzation of 4 spatial dimensions are. Do numbers describe real objects or does real objects define numbers? I give you something tangible, your little vector is meaningless to a high school graduate such as myself. Furthermore, numbers arent real, their only concepts and ideas. Thats why I didnt put any on the graph! I can show you atomic bonds with my next experiment, yeah models of atoms that act and react as real atoms do so you can dismantle that oversized hoola hoop. This is the first of ma
  6. As you wish... Check "Relativity Forum" for written and illustrated report
  7. My name is Michael Joseph Crosby I am a 34 year old high school graduate, I reside in New Orleans. I have discovered, and in this short presentation I intend to experimentally prove, the fourth spatial dimension. Read this post or Watch the rap video! The Universal Grid (UG) This retractable multispace graph will visually reveal all Euclidean 4 dimensional polytopes. This is a 2 dimensional representation of four 3D spaces that move and are situated in the same manner as tetrahedral bond angles, 109.28°. In layman's terms, these are four cubes that come together at precise
  8. The Last Days of Living in a 3-dimensional Universe I write this speech on the last day of living in a 3d world. Tomorrow, I will post the proof of a fourth spatial dimension in the form of a science rap video experiment. The video/written report will introduce a 4D calculator I named the Universal Grid. It will be an upgrade to the Cartesian 3-space graph which will allow for hyper-dimensional graphing and visualization. It's been almost 7 years since I've made the discovery, and as a layman, I have no other avenue whereas I can publish this historical discovery. So I come to the sites wh
  9. I'm just glad to see people getting along and sharing ideas on a post without cutting eachother down. As far as evolution and creation, and the supporting evidence, I believe there is much evidence supporting creation. There is much evidence concerning ufos but we discard these facts in a degenerate form of group think. As humans I think we underestimate our tendency to be mislead and we adopt another person's ideas and say they are our own. Take the mission statement of the Enlightenment from wiki.... Notice how the free thinkers of today adopt this as if it sprang directly from their own
  10. So is it a possibility that we were created by a advanced civilization? There is much evidence supporting this idea. Everything that exist cannot be proven by hard physical evidence. For example, Love cannot be proven to exist, but I am sure you can agree that it does.
  11. The Spatial 4th Dimesion is coming soon. An unschooled black layman physicist such as myself shall confound you very shortly. I speak confidently because the utter simplicity of this discovery will reveal that in all of your discipline, you have failed to see that which was most evident- I speak about both the existence of a God and of the 4th spatial dimension. How could this have happened? Concerning the aforementioned former, I can see how; but the latter, I am honestly bewildered. Be patient, you will soon have the chance to challenge my claims. Without a doubt I believe that you are at th
  12. I believe all of your points are opinions. I feel you and this modern world of science are like the latest and most advanced VCR to ever be created. The cheapest most simple DVD can out perform you. You are confident, but the whole of your personality was made evident as you dissected a idea. If you were sincere in your initial reply, then I encourage you to work on your ability to hold a regular conversation. Let start again. Do you think that our descendants will ever be able to create humans?
  13. The Dreamer - Ghettochild "The 4th Spatial Dimension: A Rap Theory" I will release next week on youtube will be a remix of this song/video "The Dreamer" Stay tuned... <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/PKyuWtVe1X8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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