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  1. Atheist death bed experiences are in many cases people conceding to the wishes of loved ones who fear for that person's soul. Or it is likely simply born out of fear from a lifetime of brain washing. Near death experinces have many scientific explantions, the death of brain cells being the primary one which can induce hallucinations, trigger memories etc. There is nothing spontaneous about DNA code. Chrisitan spontaneous healing is no different than Atheist spontaneous healing, sometimes people get better. If your talking about televised faith healings its all bs. Have a look at this link http://thewordonthewordoffaithinfoblog.com/2009/05/26/ex-faith-healer/ What hospital statistics of religious patients? There is no evidence for any of this whatsoever. No idea what your taking about in the last paragraph.
  2. Genatically I would say absolutely races are real, to a point. How that matters is another issue entirely. Obviously our genetic markers differ between races. That is why we "appear" different. This website has some useful informtaion on the topic. http://www.racesci.org/racescinow/controversiesoverrace/2.html I think for the most part race is a perception, the differances from one group of people to another are close enough that in the end the simply comes down to the fact we are all humans. We all share the same capacity to live, learn, love and hate. We share failings and triumphs.... the only race that should matter in the end is the human one...
  3. Yes they are quite different. One is verifiable, one abstract. One is practical and useful to humanity, the other not so much. This Btw is obviously a personal opinion.
  4. "Search and you shall find." - that there is no evidence to support your beliefs. Fixed!
  5. Ya thats pretty much what i was getting at, though Im not sure how to word it nicely
  6. Perhaps your right... this is not the way to ask these questions. Although I am indeed curious I will have to find a less hostile way to ask...
  7. This is a simple question to believers; Why does anyone in this day and age believe in a collection of 2000 year old stories which make claims to the extraordinary without a shred of verifiable evidence?Oh of course some would make the claim that many individuals who are named inthe bible, many cities and even some events did in fact exist. However it would be no different than if I were to write a story about Bill Clinton riding a flying unicorn and saving the world from evil with his magical powers... simply because Bill Clinton existed does not make it true in any way shape or form.The Bible is a story full of contradictions, atrocities, incest, murder andhate yet somehow makes claims of an unconditionally loving God. It is absolutely astonishing to me that anyone could truly believe that an omnipotent being would spew that as his word. It is written (and in my opinion deliberately so) in such a way that it can,and is, interpreted in almost any way. Yet it seems that every individual Christian truly believes that they know the absolute truth, completely disregarding the views of other Christians. How is any of this rationalized? Or is it simply a matter of choosing not toeven consider any of it even for a moment? To any believers out there I would suggest reading the Viking myths and Sagas,yes they are wild and ridiculous... but they are at least consistent and opento very little interpretation. There is a reason we dont not believe these stories, what makes the bible any different?
  8. This is a topic, obviously, about a theoretical event that casues the near-extinction of humanity. Lets say for example an asteroid or super-volcano kills eighty percent of the human population. Now there is no shortage of literature and movies delving into the onset or immediate aftermath of such an event. My questions are these however: Lets say a thousand years have passed since the event, and the human population has begun to rebuild. In theory this should be long enough for whatever enviroment effects to have subsided. What types of culture would likely exist? What kind of remnants of our world would remain? What is the likely hood that technological know how has been passed on to the remaining people? what level of develpment would there be? I think its fun to just imagine what may happen and how humanity might evolve through such a disaster
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