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  1. does soul have weigh 21 grams??mayve 21 grams is temporary breath in body before die.
  2. I dont think religion can be deducted into science through pseudoscience...
  3. @Bettina Would you please show your kindness where I can get direct download Book "Brian Greenes "The fabric of the Cosmos"
  4. I dont think the end of world is 2012. no one know when end of world excepy God. even most Holy human on earth doent know. End of World is secret god only. Human only know signs of when it approaches. I think we must check and validy and verify this information. It possible this make up by persons dont have responsible to ruin world.
  5. @sunspot,insane alien thats why I love Chemical enginering even though I dont have real skills (I think)
  6. use gloves then....(?)
  7. @padren Thank you very much. this very contribute me. I have to make preparation , this knowledge(after/before life) is correct are not, about how can this strange knowledge are ablo to be understand., I am too have Hard Time " Why I have to faith on God that I never see God with my very own eyes... (psst..this is secret, dont tell anyone..)
  8. Those are qualities and characteristics of God....are Goodness that Belong only to God, human have nothing even they dont have their existence(they cannot choose or reject God to not create them,they only know "why we are here?). Human only have free will to choose. All doing are originate from God.There are no power except (from) God.
  9. ^sounds to me, God is only instrument. How can you say eternity is not raligious place?? What are you trying to say God as essential to systems. What God for system? Now. this is strange. How can God act like Hansel Gretel story who works on lab which all creation are experiment. I have read book. Every creation. all of it is Godself expressing. Each of creation bring quality and characteristic of God. This creation from all you've known,is called Signs of God. This Signs contain Knowledge to Know God. This"invisible light" cannot be read except someone able to unlock knowledge hidden in Holy Book. have you heard about someone that have knowledge from holy book in King Solomon era/time. He can bring Queen balqis throne before King Solomon' eye wink! Now thats example of knowledge hidden in holy book. Our science try as hard as they can to imitate this. They dream about network hypergate jump travel that can travel very far place in millions/billions years of light. But, still didnt not significant progress. or, they try to create synthesis negative space based on theory of everything..
  10. I am moon in my country, my moon is romantic atmosphere. Couples really love dates under Full moon though nothing evidence facts support this. In religion. Moon is gentleness characteristic of God. This characteristic are bring along by girls/women.
  11. please,remember. God is depend on Servants's assumptions. If they think God dont exist/die. Then God is never found. If they think God is exist/near, then god will be found soon or later, no matter hardships and pains to overcome. If they think God is far/unreachable only..then God is far/unreachable. Now. All of this ....Makes senses right! or I wrong... show me if I wrong.
  12. @Bettina I understand you dont understand what I am trying to say Why are you glad whtn you knew yourself you talked to "Wrong God" and you give up?? First I am not christian. I am a ordinary moslem. I know I am talking to correct God because I have validy and verify Knowledge after and before life (let us call this Invisible things)as far I could and Prove it through all over my life experience. And I want to discuss and share it with all of "you" if you like.. @all I know this stuff is strange. But you will be understand someday. I try as I could that to be acquainted with you,all
  13. ......................... It depends on which God you called. Its true most people becomes deeper (their faith) if they come out from hard problem..even that God is not True God. How can you give up on God even though all hard problems are on God's Hand.Why he/she hope other than that God. and he/she hope other "That God" and he/she knock other than Door"That God" even though Only That Door is open fro whoever wants to pray on that God. Who ever hope on That God for break off their hard which "that god" makes he/she disssapointed. And who ever hope in "Me(that God) with carry masses of Sins, then I(That God) break their hope? or who ever knocked my door that I didnt open for he/she? To be honest I have direct connect between me with all Kain and Hopes all my creation, then why you lean on other than Me? I have provided all my servant"s hope but he/she still didnt acquiesce in with my protection?? And I have make full my sky with my angels that never bored to pray into me. Then I command to angels in order not to close door that makes Wall between Me and my servant. Then (why) they still didnt trust my "saying".. Dont thet understand that who ever get calamity that I descend, nobody can remove it unless I!!. Then why I see he/she with all their fantasies and hope always "turn out from. Dont they get deceit Other than Me!!" p.s. be careful, it is possible that tooth fairy is genie. they want human to be destroyed.. Genie come in genie and human form.
  14. what are (added) needed by chemical enginering to learn nanotechnology?
  15. careful. if you dont do correctly. you will get manipulated by genie.
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